Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind.

Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).

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  1. I am also awake to the central bank vs. humanity scam and the “Money as Debt” system along with the Federal Reserve System and all central banks controlled by the Rothschilds and of course the Rockefellers and the other Illuminati Bloodlines or the International Bankers or the Brotherhood of Darkness. May I humbly recommend watching “The Biggest Scam In the History of Mankind” by Mike Maloney. It already has over 5 MILLION hits and growing along with “Century of Enslavement: History of The Federal Reserve” by James Corbett and join us who are fighting all over the world against the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their central bank scam. God bless you all!

  2. sunflowerchong says:

    Calling for a Worldwide Spiritual Movement on World Harmony Day 20th Feb 2015 to LIBERATE PALESTINE


  3. Dennis Spain says:

    Let me admit at the outset that I don’t really understand Wallace Klinck’s comment—perhaps due to either my own obtuseness or just possibly to the obtuseness of his writing—so my objection to it is based on a gut feeling that he is proposing a form of money that is created according to some production formula managed by a central committee of experts of some sort that equilibrates the quantity of goods and services in an economy with the quantity of the medium of exchange.

    Admittedly, any proposed scheme has got to beat the present machinery of credit creation that is strangling the planet, but from my naive point of view, all that is really required is a return to a money that is backed 100% by a certain weight of gold or silver, a prohibition on fractional-reserve lending, the allowance of a freely-determined interest rate on loans that only originate from previously-saved capital, and government enforcement of any fraud arising from lending that does not originate from previously-saved capital.

  4. Kevin Boyle says:

    Hi Gabriel,

    Thank you. It’s a pity there are so few of us dedicated to it but a real awakening is taking place. I hope changes will not be disastrous for too many but that seems unlikely the way things stand.

    In a real crisis nearly everybody starts praying for help. Often it comes.

    Who knows where it’s all leading in these times.

    It would be interesting to know where abouts in Ireland are you based? I’m going over to the All-Ireland Fleadh in Cavan in a couple of weeks. I play with a band who have a gig there, also one in Mayo on 19th.

    Anyway. best wishes and keep up the excellent work.


  5. ThereisaGod says:

    I see that you are a ‘Shamanic Teacher’. Any info regarding this please? Are you a devotee of a particular brand of Shamanism (if that is a meaningful question)? I have become very interested in this kind of thing lately after watching this film (IBOGAINE-Rite of Passage) on YouTube.

    • Fools Crow says:

      No, I don’t subscribe to any particular brand of Shamanism, if there is such a thing; however, I have a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Lakota people of South Dakota.

      The great thing about Shamanism is that it is entirely experiential – you don’t have to study dogma nor do you need the mediation of priests or gurus. It is a direct method of connecting with your Higher Self or to be at one with the divinity that is within you. All you need is a drumming CD (to ease the brain into Theta state) and the power of your own mind.

      Shamanism is not a religion, but many of the world’s religions have their foundation in Shamanism. It goes back 50,000 to 60,000 years and possibly more. The curious thing about it is that the rituals are almost the same going back to the dawn of civilization among peoples on various continents who never had any physical contact with one other.

      Today there is a great interest in Shamanism and related fields – perhaps a sign of a great spiritual hunger in the world that is not being nourished by the traditional churches.

  6. ThereisaGod says:

    Excellent article on banking, Gabriel. Thanks for that.


    • Fools Crow says:

      Thanks Kevin,

      I’m a regular reader of your own blog and have read some excellent stuff there. I like the 5 part video with Ellen Brown.

      Ellen of course has her critics but I like most of her work.

      I think you and others like you are doing a tremendous job of getting previously suppressed info out to the general public.

      I see a huge backlash coming – let’s hope it will be bloodless.


  7. Paddy says:

    Hey Gabriel love the blog finally the Irish are getting real coverage from what goes on in this sinking ship. Just in-case you have never seen this site http://www.benjaminfulford.net is another great geo-political website. I’m in college in U.L. and just found out today that Peter Sutherland gave a talk in down here just before the Christmas break. I only found this website at the start of the new year unfortunately but if I had know what I know now after reading all your articles, well he definitely would have had a good few questions to answer from me but not to worry I’m sure he will cross paths sooner or later with people who have read this blog.
    It would be great if you could come down here to U.L. and give a talk because a lot of the students down here just don’t want to listen or have no interest in these matters which is crazy but then they love to b*tch and moan about the current government and can’t wait for this election so they can elect even more turds to run this country.

    Anyway I have rambled on enough keep up the great work and hopefully we cross paths in the future.


  8. H Walters says:

    Fools Crow,

    Please take a look at the following youtube presentation.

    It’s from a former Ivy league, ex-wallstreet executive. It’s the most articulate and non emotional synopsis I have seen of our current situation.

    He also has a website, http://csper.org/

    From his website, you can see he also has an interest in Spiritual matters. It stands for Council on Spiritual Psychological and Economic Renewal.

    Thanks for your blogs. It’s good to see someone with writing talent and interested in spiritual matters that “gets it” as it were.

    Increasingly I am seeing the same message from Philosophers, Mathematicians, Economists, Thinkers and Writers; they are *all pointing* in the same direction.

    I have a massive wealth of information that I’ve collected, and am looking to consolidate it at some point!

    I am however, exasperated at the shocking level of ignorance of the basic tenets of our financial system in the MSM; from so called professional writers, people who don’t even know what the bond market is, or why it is important.

    • Hi there,
      just got a look at some of those video presentations you linked to above. Thank you for sharing those links.This guy really lays it out clearly and so articulately . This is indeed a fantastic and accessible synopsis of how the system works ( i.e. screws everyone ! ). I’m going to spread this far and wide …

  9. Sir,

    You may be interested in reading this article:

    Best wishes.

    C. J.

  10. Wallace Klinck says:

    I just read your article on the fraudulent nature of modern banking policy. If the world had heeded the works and advice of Clifford Hugh Douglas rather than J. M. Keynes we would have been enjoying falling prices, increasing individual disposable financial income and increasing leisure with personal freedom in the midst of abundance. Douglas’s Social Credit proposals would have resulted in a system of national accountancy reflecting the realities of production and consumption whereas Keynes’s social debt policies have brought us to ruin. The critical misunderstanding is the erroneous assumption that the price-system is intrinsically financially self-liquidating whereas the reality is that it is increasingly non-self-liquidating due to an increasing expansion of the volume of price-values relative to that of unencumbered financial incomes. The only option we are offered to carry on with producing and consuming is resort to a vast and exponentially growing volume of credit issued as consumer loans. Consumption is the final stage of the economic process and consumers should be able with total incomes not only to access dynamically the entire volume of finalized goods flowing from the production line–but they should be able to do so without any overall or “global” debt whatsoever. They do not of course earn sufficient money to obtain these goods because retailers must of necessity include in retail prices additional allocated charges in respect of physical capital, charges which in the same cycle of production do not distribute incomes although they generate price values. Unfortunately, retail prices are not credited on a macroeconomic level, as they should be credited, with capital appreciation which far exceeds capital depreciation. Consequently the consumer falls ever more into a quagmire of unsustainable financial debt with periodic deflationary collapses of the economy followed by inflationary upturns with all the instability and unjust transfers of wealth that this process entails.

    Banks create billions of dollars of money as consumer loan debt and this debt is all an inflationary charge against future cycles of production with which they have physically no relationship whatsoever. The banks do not give this additional credit-money to consumers. It is all repayable from future earnings. The fact of the matter is that physically the real cost of production (the human and non-human energy and the materials) is met as production proceeds and has been fully met when any final consumer good has been completed and is ready for consumer use on the retail market. If this were not true the good could not exist. That is axiomatic. The financial system should reflect this irrefutable fact.

    The vast amount of pseudo-buying power created by banking institutions as consumer debt should not be issued as debt but should be issued without obligation of repayment (i.e., “debt-free”) as a universal National (Consumer) Dividend to each citizen as a Birthright and inalienable beneficial (not direct) share in the communal capital to be realized by added automatic access to the outflow of finalized consumer goods from the production line. A portion of this new consumer credit (non-debt) should be issued to retailers at point of sale on condition that they lower their prices, the amount of Price Compensation to be determined by the national mean rate of total consumption (wealth depletion) divided by the mean rate of total production (wealth appreciation), a ratio that is always diminishing because our total production is vastly outstripping our total consumption. In this manner the new consumer purchasing power would be genuine because it would allow consumers full and immediate access to final production while providing consumer “approved” producers with a stable market and a means of recovering their costs of production. The new credits would pass back through the system for liquidation of producer loans and/or placement to capital reserve as they currently do but they would not leave an exponentially expanding trail of financial debt which ultimately, if the system, is to continue functioning must be institutionalized in permanent State Debt. Look at properly this State Debt should realistically be regarded as a National Credit from which universal National Dividends can be paid. The Real Credit of society is the ability to create goods and services as, when and where required or desired. Financial Credit is the ability to create money as, when and where required and the two should always balance.

    Because the true reduction of real, i.e., physical, cost is consequent to replacement of human effort by technology, failure of the financial price system to credit consumers with this efficiency by not crediting them with capital appreciation in retail prices of final consumer goods constitutes a glaring and fatal flaw in the price system. Correction of the later omission would provide increasing opportunity for leisure. Instead of believing, pathetically, in the need for society to employ ninety or more per cent. of employable people merely to provide for its economic needs, we would then consider the reduction of the need for direct employment in the state of wage-slavery we call “jobs” to be a magnificent achievement. This happy state of affairs can never happen so long as we are evermore under necessity of treading an ascending treadmill merely to serve a rising tide of bogus and increasingly un-repayable financial debt. Nor can we ever be freed from the false need for a crescendo of phrenetic psuedo-economic activity of waste, culminating in wars of destruction, so long as nations, all suffering from a growing internal deficiency of consumer purchasing power, are driven by intensifying compulsion to attempt to export more than they import of their real wealth in a desperate attempt to capture financial credits with which to compensate their own internal deficiency of effective, cost-liquidating purchasing power.

    For your possible interest, I attach several websites of relevance to this discussion.
    Yours sincerely
    Wallace Klinck



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw28HmmvNNs&feature=related (Major Clifford Hugh Douglas on “The Causes of War” (B.B.C., 1934)

    • Fools Crow says:

      Thank you Wallace for your cogent, in-depth comment. I have come across your name before in matters of economics and money creation. Appreciate the links. Will do some weekend research.


      Fool Crow

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