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Incredible Development! – The Sovereign People of Ireland Finally Deliver Dire Warning to the Banks & Government!

by Gabriel Donohoe Incredible Breaking News! In the name of  the sovereign, free people of the ancient land of Éire, a Cease & Desist Order has been served on the chief executives of the Central Bank of Ireland, the Irish … Continue reading

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HUGE Opportunity for the People to Bash the Government/Banksters’ Austerity Tax!

by Gabriel Donohoe Necessity is the Mother of Invention, as they say, and right now some very clever and genuine Irish patriots are showing their ‘inventiveness’ by mounting a formidible challenge to the insidious Property Tax through a class action. … Continue reading

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Great News Or Disinfo? – All Global Banks & Corporate Governments Have Been Foreclosed And Their Assets Seized!

by Gabriel Donohoe The news has been sweeping across the Internet for weeks that all banks, corporations, and corporations masquerading as governments have all been foreclosed, legally and lawfully, and their assets seized. In a series of public filings, the … Continue reading

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