“Dear Plonker” (Book Review – Humour)

by Gabriel Donohoe

dear plonker

If you are not one to laugh out loud when you are reading, here’s a book guaranteed to provoke a belly laugh.

But be careful where you settle down to read it. Loud guffawing may bring you unwelcome stares on the bus or train, or it may get you thrown out of your local municipal library. And most of all, don’t read it in the courtroom as you await your case to be called – especially not in Judge Leonie Reynolds’s court in Trim, not if black and blue is a skin tone you’d prefer to avoid.

“Dear Plonker” is written by King Aidan, or Aidan Killian as he undoubtedly appears in the secret files of the clandestine State agencies charged with keeping us safe from truthtellers, water protesters, ISIS, and satirical comedians with an attitude.

As an avid reader since my pre-teens, this is the first book I’ve read in a long, long time to cause me to laugh out loud. Not since “Puckoon” (Spike Milligan), “Catch-22” (Joseph Heller), or “Tortilla Flat” (John Steinbeck) have I come close to falling out of bed in convulsions of laughter.

Yet, it’s difficult to know what genre this book should be filed under. ‘Humour’ it most certainly is. But it could equally be found on the ‘Self-Improvement/Personal Development’ shelf or on the front rows of ‘Secrets The Banks and Corporations Don’t Want You To Know’.

“Dear Plonker” is a collection of letters and emails to and from banks, solicitors, Eflow, phone companies, and other debt collectors. It is deliciously funny, witty, informative, and sardonic. It strips bare the humourless facade of officialdom and exposes ‘Big Corpo’ for the greedy, heartless, blackguard that it is.

King Aidan directs informed questions to the formidable institutions of bureaucracy, cloaked with disarming humour and sarcasm. But these scoundrels are unable to answer him, because to do so truthfully would destroy them. They can only resort to bluster and bullying, and that only serves to demolish their own credibility.

Thus, Aidan reveals that what seemed to be a terrifying fire-breathing dragon is nothing more than a whimpering pup. “Dear Plonker” shows you how to lose your fear of the ‘beast’ and how to stand up in your own power. Bullies, when confronted, show their true nature and turn tail. You will learn how to beat this dragon and pull his teeth.

And the wealth of information in this book is invaluable. Just to find out how to deal with banks, debt collectors and other corporate bullies is worth the price alone.

There is also a spiritual aspect to this book. Aidan Killian could have ranted and railed against the evils and injustices of the banks, the debt collectors, and their ilk and he would have been justified in attacking them and heaping scorn and vitriol upon them.

But no. Aidan charitably treats their frontmen as human beings. He is aware that we ALL are spiritual beings currently trying to cope with a human existence. We are ALL walking a winding road hoping to get to an agreeable destination. And it’s not easy for most of us.

Aidan’s awareness only comes with spiritual enlightenment. I suspect that Aidan Killian, the soul-being, has been here many, many times before. Perhaps he is back again for one final hurrah! and to give us a laugh or two on our own arduous journey. In his book, Aidan reminds us that maybe we are taking life too seriously.

A quote from Shakespeare comes to mind:

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Speaking of the stage, if you get a chance you should also go to see Aidan Killian doing his stand-up comedy routine. He is a powerful social critic and satarist. His social commentary, like all home truths, is most effective and scathing when dressed in humour. Aidan is destined to join the ranks of the greats, like Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and a few others. His show is highly recommended.

Book launch is in The Hampton Hotel, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, on Friday night, 4th September, 2015, at 7pm.

More details from www.DearPlonker.com

or from Aidan Killian’s FB page, https://www.facebook.com/aidankillian?fref=ts

About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: www.foolscrow.net Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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3 Responses to “Dear Plonker” (Book Review – Humour)

  1. Martha Brassil says:

    One of the funniest books I have ever read. It is a must for those who suffer from cognitive dissonance regarding our financial institutions.

  2. John O' Sullivan says:

    Thanks, Gabriel. Excellent review! Can’t wait to
    read it now.

  3. Kevin Boyle says:

    Thanks for that. Will buy.

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