Monthly Archives: January 2012 Censures Comments That Dare To Query Bankster/Government Collusion

by Gabriel Donohoe Yesterday, ran an ‘exclusive’ by Tom Lyons which revealed that Kevin Cardiff, former secretary general of the Department of Finance (the man who “lost” 3.6 billion euro and was rewarded with a promotion to Brussels), had … Continue reading

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Journalist In Spiteful Personal Attack On Sean Quinn

by Gabriel Donohoe Journalist Paul Drury launched a vitriolic personal attack on Sean Quinn in The Irish Daily Mail on Friday, January 20th, 2012. With stirring braggadocio Drury declares that he wants “to grab this miserable little Cavanman by his … Continue reading

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166 Turkeys Vs. The People of Ireland

by Gabriel Donohoe How many people stand in the way of the peace, happiness, and prosperity of The People of Ireland? A mere 166 men and women, that’s how many. They are variously described as turkeys, chancers, charlatans, frauds, swindlers, … Continue reading

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