Freedom And Prosperity Through Abolishing Taxes (Video)

by Gabriel Donohoe

See the video below for some very revolutionary proposals for abolishing most taxes in the USA. These proposals would go a long way to fixing bank/tax/government gangsterism here in Ireland and would break the grip of the banksters around our throats.

The proposals come from former Congressman James Traficant, a flamboyant individual who has long been a thorn in the side of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the international banksters.

Traficant for President Button

Traficant spent seven years in jail on trumped up charges from 2002 to 2009. The Powers That Be were annoyed at his assault on the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Some readers will remember Traficant as the man who exposed the secret bankrupty of the United States in 1933 and had the details read into the Congressional Record on March 17th, 1993. (Vol. 33, page H-1303)   Link here

Traficant - framed by FBI

Traficant has launched a new initiative called Project Freedom. Part of that initiative is that income tax should be abolished and replaced with a national retail sales tax. Also, no more corporation tax, capital gains, inheritance, etc. Debt free money to be printed by the Government and debt to the international banksters to be repudiated.  Link here



About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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3 Responses to Freedom And Prosperity Through Abolishing Taxes (Video)

  1. Tony B. says:

    Have just discovered your site due to a copy of the article “Beware the Risen People, Part 1 of Global Banking,” etc. That is one very strong and correct article. But, I tell you as one of the original founders of American Free Press (Jim Traficant’s media vehicle) this is a very wrong horse to back.

    My empathy for Traficant’s having been railroaded into prison does not override my sense of reality.

    1. The originators of this concept of a national sales tax is a group of Houston, TX billionaires (probably trillionaires by now). They have a very professional web site promoting this very thing which has been up for some years. A national sales tax, the most regressive of all tax schemes, would be true peanuts to them, less than petty cash, while proving even more onerous than already to the common wage earner. Every loaf of bread or new shirt would carry the same tax rate for both. Really fair, huh? Would these moneyed be grateful? Would they finally dive into creating new jobs? Hell no. They would just conclude – rightly – that the citizens are damned stupid.

    2. American financiers and corporations pay very little of their vast profits and fortunes in taxes. Many of them pay nothing at all. Taxes have nothing to do with their refusal to bring back any industry to the U.S. Hell, this is what the perpetual bailouts to the banker bastards was supposedly meant to accomplish, said our prostitute congress, but these bastards have simply kept the taxpayers’ new debt for their own use in new Wall St. gambling, mostly in derivatives, at the highest level of all time, while the population progressively finds no new jobs, no way to support itself. Even the kept press writes almost daily that the disparity between the 1% and the masses continues to widen. Why would even more largess in their favor suddenly make the 1% interested in saving the starving masses? It is obvious that the agenda is to starve American workers into accepting the lowest of third world wages. Just today the kept news reported that the few new jobs in the U.S. have wage rates 23% below those after the first new century nosedive. The two together probably amount to more than a 35% wage cut in ten or so years. But prices are way up in the same time frame. Yet Traficant seems to think we should all be overjoyed with a new, unescapable 15% tax piled on top.

    3. All Traficant’s misguided informaton on which he articulates like the typical American politician comes from American academia “experts,” everyone a Rockefeller/Rothschild miseducated idiot, or worse, a plain whore to big bucks, whose advice has caused the problems Traficant wants to solve using their total fiscal insanity.

    3a. Only since my rants has Traficant mentioned, on just a few items, simply not funding the million or so unlawful federal projects already unlawfully given perpetual life by congress instead of taxing the people everymore to pay for them.

    4. Should Traficant be successful in getting a national sales tax stuck onto the American people, the moneyed would laugh up their sleeves as the mis-labeled income tax (actually an excise by law – income is only THE MEASURE of the tax – but the government will not say on what acts the excise applies as it’s a total fraud) would NOT disappear. Moverover, this new sales tax would not get rid of bureacracy, one of Traficant’s pet points, but would create a whole new gigantic layer, along with new onerous hoops for the poor to jump through in order to obtain “rebates” on items they are too poor to pay taxes upon. The usual backward American system, pay up and we may, someday, give it back to you.

    5. The money reform supposedly to follow this wonderful new tax, of course, would never stand a chance in hell once the tax was sealed in concrete. Besides, those who honestly want reform are already splintered by the bankers – almost none of them let out a single peep while Kucinich’s bill stayed pigeon-holed through its whole life in congress. It was actually hated by the monetarily ignorant gold bugs, those who didn’t like Dennis’ bent to back gun laws (I don’t like them either but I saw no reason to cut off my nose to spoil my face), the social creditors, etc.

    There is much more but this should suffice to show the folly of this insanity.

    Tony B.

    • Fools Crow says:

      Tony, really appreciate your time and effort in penning this comment.

      Can’t disagree with anything you say. The word “tax” gives banksters an orgasm. No need for virtually any tax. I would see Trafficant’s proposal only as a way of getting from A to B, en route to Z.

      Personally, I’m most interested in the ideas of E C Riegel and Thomas Greco and C H Douglas among others. I like and admire Dennis Kucinich’s proposed Monetary Reform Bill as well as the work of Zarlenga and the AMI.

      Thanks once again.

      (Sorry for the brevity — it’s the wee hours here now, and the bed beckons…)

      • Tony B. says:

        Thank you for the reply. For me, the best monetary plan for the U.S. is the AMI more or less return to greenbacks. I thank Zarlenga for truly doing the modern homework on monetary systems. I don’t trust this U.S. government for the constant information on each citizen which social credit demands. But social credit would be my second choice as a workable system, especially for smaller nations. Plus the AMI, one time only, cash gift to every family, mostly to get the proper amount of cash circulating, which is almost identical to social credit, is a must for the AMI reform to succeed.

        My number one desire nowadays is that all in the world would understand that the huge majority of the evils perpetrated these days are directly funded by the criminal money systems set up largely by the talmudists world wide. Most of those evils would die overnight if their financing was curtailed. One of your Irish writers (now gone) on these things is my favorite, Rev. Denis Fahey. No one I have read in the English language has ever put priorities more right. Finance must SERVE industry/commerce, etc. so that they can properly SERVE the family in order for the family to have the means to properly SERVE God. The creators of the industrial revolution turned those needs directly upside down, as they remain to this day. Whether one is a believer in God or not, the monetary systems are still upside down causing unbelievable and absolutely unnecessary suffering throughout the world.

        Tony B.

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