The Gary Doyle Order (Book Review)

by Gabriel Donohoe

crooked judge3I read the manuscript of “The Gary Doyle Order” in one sitting and found the narrative as gripping as a Tom Clancy thriller.  At one stage during the reading, I was even annoyed to be called downstairs for dinner.

This book tells of one Irishman’s fight with the cold and calculating forces of the Irish State, particularly the Gardai and the Courts.  It is a story of courage, assertiveness, self-education, and dignity on the one side; and a tale of intimidation, nastiness, corruption, and injustice on the other.

Basically, this is the story of a man who, in his car, was going about his lawful business until he was accosted and arrested without charge by Gardaí in the midlands and then threatened and imprisoned by a judge because he dared to ask questions instead of meekly bowing down to ‘authority’.  He quickly found himself inside a Kafkaesque nightmare that must have been as terrifying as it was surreal.

The only things that stood to the gentleman in question was his dignity, his alertness, and his knowledge of the law, especially the case history of one Gary Doyle – the eponymous ‘hero’ of the “Gary Doyle Order”.

The Gardaí featured in this story do not crown themselves in glory.  In fact, some of them come across as willing henchmen of a police state.  In the U.S.A.  we currently see a police state in the making, with unarmed suspects and even innocent civilians being shot every week.  We also see American police adopt a heavy hand with peaceful protesters, unnecessarily beating them or spraying them with pepper.  And we see innocent people being dragged from their cars by police or having the front doors of their homes smashed in for no lawful reason at all. Is Ireland about to follow this worrisome trend?

A year after the formation of this State, in 1923, we named our police force An Garda Síochána (The Guardian of the Peace), or Gardaí in the plural.  For a while they were truly “Guardians of the Peace”, or peace officers.  But in the last three or four decades they have become more “Law Enforcement Officers”, trained to collect revenue for a corporate, banker-controlled state than to keep the peace among the people who employ them.

Nowadays, we see police forces all over the world undergo military-type training with full body armour, an array of lethal weapons, and heavy vehicles and equipment co-opted from the army. The police are taught to treat all citizens as ‘suspects’ and to take an aggressive stance.  No matter that Natural Law is regularly broken and individual human rights are routinely trampled upon.  This is a major concern indeed.

Reading this book, it is alarming to see certain Gardaí  abandon their role as ‘peace keepers’ and openly embrace a belligerent role as ‘law enforcement officers’.  They have allowed themselves to become a bullying enforcement tool of those nameless and faceless plutocrats who run things in Ireland, including the government, the courts, the media, and just about everything else of influence.  Sadly, and ironically, the Gardaí are just as much victims of the plutocrats as the other members of society.

The willing complicity of the police to perform the will of their masters brings to mind a scene from “Schindler’s List.”  In that film, we saw that the Nazis needed the cooperation of some Jews to control the thousands of their fellow Jews that the Nazis had crammed into the confines of the Warsaw ghetto.  The Germans appointed a Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei, or Jewish Ghetto Police, to help them keep order and enforce brutal Nazi control on Jewish slave workers or help sort and ship undesirable Jews to the concentration camps.  Little did these useful idiots, the Jewish Ghetto Police, realize that they would all end up in the concentration camps too.

Here in Ireland, in a fast-becoming fascist state, the real culprits are not just those who give the orders but the ‘useful idiots’ who carry out those orders, some of them with gusto.  That applies not just to the Gardaí but to the lawyers and judges and bailiffs and sheriffs and receivers and accountants and auctioneers and anyone who crosses the boundaries of Natural Law to infringe upon the God-given rights of another human being.

As Mark Passio says in his excellent presentation on Natural Law, it is the ‘order followers’ who do more damage and cause more misery in society than the ‘order givers’.  (That’s not to say that the ‘order givers’ should not be held accountable – they most certainly should.)

You will read in this story how arbitrarily and unjustly our hero was treated by the courts in this country, particularly by a judge who seemed to be acting in collusion with other parties.  This judge jailed our hero for refusing to sign a “Bail Order” form, even though no charges had been preferred against him at that time.

This particular incident caused the man in question to write to the highest justices in the land and ask them some very pointed questions indeed…

1.  Is the use of threat of incarceration/imprisonment and coercion by a Judge allowed in Court?

2.  What law allows the use of threat of incarceration/imprisonment and coercion by a Judge in Court?

3.  Does a signature obtained against ones will, under duress and the threat of loss of liberty (incarceration/imprisonment), have force in law?

4.  Does a signature obtained against ones will, under duress and the treat of loss of liberty, make the document therein signed Void from the outset?

5.  What law allows a Judge to falsely imprison anyone for want of a signature obtained against their free will?

To find out what answers he received, or if he even received an answer at all, you’ll have to read the book.  You will truly be astounded at the levels of injustice and corruption within our State, the ‘Justice’ system, and related bodies like the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Garda Ombudsman.

Furthermore, our arrested hero put another explosive question to the “Powers That Be”, namely An Garda Síochána, the Minister for Justice, and the Judiciary, asking them to…

“(S)tate once and for all what (your) exact position on the treatment of a newly arrested victim is, and is there a period during the first few hours of arrest where they have NO RIGHTS whatsoever. Surely this cannot be the case???”

At the end of the book, after all he has endured, the author makes a very telling observation:

“The State perceives and legally treats the People of this Island as Slaves for the generation of Revenue and Profit”.

Hear, hear!

This book comes highly recommended.  It audaciously exposes the criminal institutions that pass themselves off as ‘government’.  It is a story that will inspire us all and show us that even the common man, when he has truth and knowledge behind him, can stand tall against the forces of state corruption.  Think of other gutsy heroes – or heroines – like Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood who stood up against the Mighty Corporate State, and won.  (Although Silkwood died at age 28 in a mysterious car accident.)

What this book will do is arm you with crucial information should you find yourself, like thousands and thousands of others, in the treacherous arena of an Irish court.  Ireland of today is not as passive as some people would have you believe.  Ireland is in fact a seething pit of vipers who have been prodded and provoked and are beginning to bare their fangs. If you are a hissing viper, the narrative in this book will give you the confidence to bite back, and the information therein will give you the venom to make it sting.

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About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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8 Responses to The Gary Doyle Order (Book Review)

  1. Anton says:

    the system is designed that if you object it sucks you in deeper where it makes almost impossible for the victim to get out… gardai these days (not all, but these once are becoming majority) have a very personal approach, if they don’t like you they can and do arrest people on fake charges (it happened to me and people i know), once they have you in the system there is pretty no way out of it for you next time even if you are innocent and trying to stay out of trouble – sorry, you don’t wan’t or have any will left to stand up for yourself… police militarization is unavoidable, the people police is under will not change their approach either

  2. Mossie says:

    Just finished reading this book. I found it to be a great read. Im not one to read a book normally, but found i could not leave it down. I am not surprised at what i read, but didn’t realise it was so rotten to think these people in power in this state could be so, so corrupt. I am going to read it again., and again. I have loaned it to a friend, and will be loaning it to a few more. I found it very helpful. Fair play to this person depicted in the book. I love his guts and persistence to stand up for what was right, and NOT be bullied. The powers to be will NOT like what was written. Who cares, i would have done the same. I really hope heads will roll. Rotten, Corrupt, Ireland. It has to stop. I hope more and more people get the opportunity to read this great book.

  3. Stephen says:

    I am reading the book at the moment, and as a proud Irishman am somewhat sad to say that I find it to be a very true and accurate account of the often-insidious workings of Irish State agencies. Well done to the author, and well done to those who have the courage to stand up against such overwhelming injustice. One by one – together – we CAN make a difference!

  4. joe says:

    Who wrote this book and why did he not just give his name to the Gards in the first place and avoid all the hassle?

    • Fools Crow says:

      I assume the author didn’t give his name so that his family would be protected from abuse.

      He could easily have given his name and avoided hassle as you say. But this man has principles. Wishy-washy people readily give in, do what the authorities tell them. That would be the case with most of the people in Ireland. People in general do not stand up for themselves or assert their own authority.

      I think it’s sad you have to ask this question…

  5. DAMIAN GIBNEY says:


  6. mort says:

    This is not an honest review. its a sales pitch and nothing more

    • Fools Crow says:

      Mort, I didn’t get paid to write the review. There’s nothing in it for me. I feel deeply that the information in this book can be extremely beneficial to certain people facing a bullying, intimidating court. Thanks for your comment.

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