“Irish Life And Me” (Book Review)

by Gabriel Donohoe

Irish Life And Me

Every so often in history a book or pamphlet appears (or more recently a film or TV production) that resonates deeply with the people of a nation and changes social awareness for the better. “Irish Life And Me” is bound to be such a book.

If even a quarter of the Irish people were aware of the shenanigans that go on in banking, government, and the courts there would be a revolution in this country tomorrow. “Irish Life And Me” exposes such shenanigans and, if widely read, has the potential of causing a general revolt in Ireland.

The greater public, or ‘silent majority’ as Richard Nixon termed it, is a sleeping tiger. When it’s asleep, the jackals of society behave with audacity, taking over the running of the jungle for themselves. But when the sleeping tiger awakes and growls, every jackal trembles!

Today, the tiger is beginning to stir because stalwarts like “Irish Life And Me” are bravely yanking its tail. When the beast is fully awake, we will soon see what a real Celtic Tiger is like, for it has enough power in one claw to smite down all the thieving jackals in Ireland.

In the past, we have seen the sleeping tigers of public consciousness awaken and reassert proper order. In 1906, Upton Sinclair’s book, “The Jungle”, exposed the filthy conditions of the meat packing industry in the United States as greedy corporatists cut many corners to maximise their profits. After publication, the ensuing public uproar quickly led to much needed hygiene Acts designed to protect the consumer.

And a TV drama that would awaken public conscience about homelessness, unemployment, and the rights of mothers to keep their own children was “Cathy Come Home”, directed by Ken Loach for the BBC in 1966. This TV play stirred all of Britain and provoked discussion even in the House of Commons and is still talked about today.

An Irish historical example of rattling the tiger’s cage is Dean Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” from 1729. This was a savage satire on how the impoverished Irish might improve their economic plight by selling their children to be butchered and used for food by the elite. Such an action, Swift wrote, would serve to rid the towns and cities of thousands of troublesome urchins and provide wholesome protein for the rich. Swift’s masterfully ironic essay created quite a stir that finally drew official attention to the appalling poverty suffered by the Irish nation.

Today, “Irish Life And Me” is a book that can and should create quite a stir in Ireland. It is a chronicle of one man’s fight against a criminal banking organization which is backed and protected  by corrupt institutions of the State. As more and more people read this book, the more awake and the more angry they will become. And the more angry they become, the sharper the claws of the Celtic Tiger.

The sub-heading of “Irish Life And Me” is “Tales Of The Criminal Cabal”. A casual reader might think that the book is about the lawless activities of drug lords, bank robbers, or other criminal gangs that operate with impunity in certain areas of Dublin or Limerick or elsewhere in the country. Isn’t that what defines criminal cabals?

Such casual readers will be shocked to learn that the “criminal cabal” referred to is actually the bankster barons who indirectly run the Irish State like mafia dons, with the collusion of godfathers of power and authority in government and in the so-called courts of justice.

“Irish Life And Me” exposes endemic corruption not only in banking but in the mighty organs of the State itself, especially regulatory bodies, whose supposed function is to help and protect the people. And many will be shocked and disgusted to learn that our ‘hallowed’ courts, once thought of as sacrosanct, now aid and abet the criminal banksters in the blatant theft of homes and property every day of the week.

Readers will be stunned to see how crooked, conniving, heartless, and bullying the banksters are in their seizure of people’s properties for defaulting on ‘loans’ that the banks never ‘loaned’ in the first place. The ‘loans’ were actually created by the ‘borrowers’ themselves with their signature on a Promissory Note. The banks provided nothing of value!

(Many readers will be surprised to learn that in this skewed and illusory world of ours, a Promise to Pay is money and is backed by the collective credit inherent in the people of the Nation, also called the ‘Credit Commons’. The banks merely steal this credit, privatize it, and loan it back to us at interest! They never loan out their own money, i.e., depositors’ or shareholders’ funds. This information is hard to digest at first and if you are new to the arcane world of money creation there are links provided in this book and you’ll find a growing number of informative websites on the internet. A good place to start is by understanding the difference between Money of Exchange and Money of Account.)

Apart from the corruption of the State and the courts, readers will be disgusted at the efforts of the mainstream media to, a) keep crucial information hidden from the public and, b) disseminate information that is misleading and untruthful. These are the reasons why newspaper readership is collapsing and television viewing is falling drastically, with many thousands now refusing to pay for a TV licence.

It is customary in a book review to rate a book’s literary qualities such as style, tone, syntax, grammar, imagery, spelling, intended readership, and so on. “Irish Life And Me” is quite well-written – although it might be tightened in some areas. It is eminently readable and has a drawing power that pulls the reader all the way through from beginning to end. (This writer read it in one sitting.)

What comes across forcefully is the passion of its author (name unknown). He tells a tale of a soldier who has first-hand experience in the blood and thunder of combat. The knowledge he has gathered and the details he imparts are invaluable to any other prospective ‘soldiers’ heading for battle with the banksters or the State. If you or someone you know is under fire from the banks, this book should be in your arsenal.

Although this booked catalogues the machinations of Permanent TSB, the insights and revelations articulated in its 150 or so pages applies to just about any bank, in any country of the world.

The author says, on Page 41, that his reason for writing this book is that the “Criminal Cabal are drawn out and publicly exposed, for the criminal psychopaths that they are.”

And to that we all say, “Hear, hear!”

You can purchase a bound copy of the book at http://www.irishlifeandme.com/ or you can download it free, chapter by chapter, at the same address.


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: www.foolscrow.net Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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