Incredible Development! – The Sovereign People of Ireland Finally Deliver Dire Warning to the Banks & Government!

by Gabriel Donohoe

OPPT golden age

Incredible Breaking News!

In the name of  the sovereign, free people of the ancient land of Éire, a Cease & Desist Order has been served on the chief executives of the Central Bank of Ireland, the Irish banks, senior civil servants, and Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance.

The Order puts them all on Notice that they are now personally liable for the inherent fraud in all mortgages, for pursuing Irish sovereigns for money, and for threatened and actual evictions.

The Order cites a lawful and legal Uniform Commercial Code Document #2012114586 which has been publicly registered and unrebutted in Washington DC. This document confirms the foreclosure of all global banks, including the Bank for International Settlements, corporate judicial systems worldwide, and all corporations masquerading as governments.

Those named in the Notice have all been charged with Crimes Against Humanity and will be pursued and tried in a Common Law Court, a court similar to the one where the previous pope was tried and sentenced in his absence.

This move is unprecedented in Irish history and shows the anger and outrage felt by the beleaguered sovereign people of this country who have been assaulted and bled by a criminal, rapacious banking system working in tandem with an equally criminal court system and a corrupt government.

Is this the beginning of the end of an ancient bondage system that has enslaved us all for millennia?

Speak up, Sovereign People of Ireland, and let the sound of your wrath be heard across the globe!

 See the Cease And  Desist Order here.


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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56 Responses to Incredible Development! – The Sovereign People of Ireland Finally Deliver Dire Warning to the Banks & Government!

  1. Sam says:

    How does one such irish citizen become a sovereign person again???

  2. paul lally says:

    I have been summonsed to court for no tax or insurance on my van while driving on a public highway. I have a serious life threatening illness which nearly killed me. Its called sweets syndrome and is not recognised by the illness benefit dept and they refused to give me a bus pass to take care of my health. So i bought a van only to find out that insurance would cost me a 36 yr old male e1900 of which i paid nearly e1000 but couldnt keep up the payments on the van and tax and insurance. The insurance was out 3weeks and gardai seized
    my van for no TAX not insurance. I need help to claim my sovereignty and to claim my right to bodily integrity and the persuit of health and happiness in the courts. Can you give me any help or advice on this matter. It would be mightily appreciated. Yours Paul Lally

  3. Claire says:

    Hi there Foolscrow,

    thank you for your support of all of our initiatives to date. Your comments about certain people or person on our facebook page is so correct. Dont ever leave anyone take your energy or your peace. I know who they are in reality and to ignore is the only way to burn out his anger.

    We have, what we believe to be a game changer. We will be launching this in Nass on Sat.7th Sept.from 11am to 4pm. I will then be on the road for 2 weeks rolling out this idea to as many as possible before we make our major move. I would love your input at this event. This has been checked and monitored by several members of our legal and financial teams. We have a great Senior Council and believe it will help a lot of people who are in fear for their homes and financial future.

    I sincerely want to thank you for all your positive comments and belief’s about our work from taking the banks to court to our proclamations. Now is the time and as you yourself know and have said it is palpable right now. It is time for people to be brought to justice. This is not an action of anger. Many say I fight the banks but I dont rather I am in search of the truth and am not afraid of the answers.

    Now is the time for all of us to work together and admit to who and what we are. Then collectively rise and shine. Together is the answer as I am sure you will agree. I love your work and respect the information you have shared and the energy you have held for so long. I believe it is now nearly over and I look forward to a brighter future shared by us all.

    Hope to see you on the 7th or soon afterwards on our road trip to share these new ideas.

    Love , Light and Laughter always,

    Claire C
    Debt Options Ireland

    • Fools Crow says:

      Thank you for your kind comments, Claire.

      At the risk of charges of mutual back-slapping I too have long admired your work and have referred many people to your organisation where I knew they would find excellent information, practical help, a sense of purpose, and peace of mind.

      You’re dead right about a certain individual on your FB page. Ignoring them is the best policy. They hate that. I tried to reason once with that same individual and offered help & guidance but was insulted for my trouble. The kindest thing I can say is that he is not ready yet to see beyond the illusion. It is my policy to offer help and direction to those who want it, but not to beat people over the head if they don’t want to hear it.

      I am intrigued about your “game changer” and would like to know more. There is something I am about to try myself but I might hold off and try to get to Naas on the 7th.

      Would love to chat some time. Any plans for Dundalk? I think your last meeting for Dundalk was postponed for health reasons?

      Like yourself, I don’t think it is good ‘karma’ to direct anger or hatred towards the banks. I believe that the people and things who oppose us in life are only holding a mirror up to us, challenging us, so that we can grow spiritually. If there was no mortgage or financial crisis there would be no great will to change the system. In reality, the banksters are only playing their part in the creation of a new earthly era for mankind in which peace and prosperity and goodwill will reign.

      May the Great Spirit continue to smile upon you and upon you colleagues and upon all genuine Truthseekers everywhere.

      (aka Fools Crow)

  4. Diane Denizen says:

    I’m keeping an open mind on this one. I have seen both sides of the argument about OPPT and neither convince me either way. I think it is going to come down eventually (as it always does) to a few brave people taking on BIG GOV. In these David and Goliath type battles David normally wins-if he is persistent enough!

  5. Damon says:

    Reblogged this on Awakestate and commented:
    More proof the collapse of the Naught State is coming!

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  7. savinia says:

    Hey all from Canada here. Fools Crow the naysayer’s can be frustrating at times but the only people that do not understand the eloquence of The One Peoples Public Trust UCC Filings are those whom have not loss their livelihoods, homes, property, children, been starved, murdered, abused, or had their country blown to pieces YET!!! All I can say is they had better tune in cause this criminal rabbit hole runs so deep you would have to be dead and in the ground not to see it. Keep up the good work Fools Crow I and millions around the world are so grateful for people like you. And I too am doing all I can to inform all I can in my world. God bless, you are protected.

  8. captaincow says:

    Maybe many of the people were just as greedy as the bankers!?

  9. Miles Stover says:

    This is fantastic work. Fergus and others like him are truly enigmatic. I know people like this in my own life too, in the United States. They seem intelligible, they can speak and articulate, and yet the substance of their contributions is utterly baffling. Fergus, Martin, what in the bloody hell are you not understanding? Simple equations here. Fabricate value out of nothing, and then leverage the people through interest and debt. These are truly blunt instruments of bondage and power. It’s like some other commenters have offered; these people are either genuinely brainwashed, they work for the banks, or they just really prefer the kind of structured and ordered modern slave life that has been cultivated for them. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

  10. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road. Cheers

  11. Frank says:

    Iceland stood up to the bankers and they are doing good today. The rest of the world needs to do the same thing.

  12. Martin Lavelle says:

    Out of interest, how many people using this website are in debt and are trying to find new legal ways to avoid paying back their debts?

    • Fools Crow says:

      Martin, there is a small but growing group of people in Ireland and across the world who have intensely researched the fraudulent monetary system that enslaves us all. They are trying to bring evidence of major malfeasance to the consciousness of their fellow sufferers and at the same time fight a criminal and dishonourable system on behalf of all.

      It is easy for people like you to come along and sneer and insult them for their efforts. I believe if you had been in Dublin at the end of the 1916 Rising you would have been one of the multitude hurling missiles and abuse at the rebels as they were marched away as prisoners of the British army.

      Perhaps you would like to explain to the viewers of this website how money “loaned” by the banks is genuine, pre-existing, lawful, and poses a risk to the banks’ assets. I would be happy to publish any authoritative, well-researched piece of work, even if it contradicts anything written here.

      • Gerry Daly says:

        Well said. I wonder will Martin’s horse be just as high when HE starts sinking into the mire. I sincerely doubt it.

    • Maria says:

      Thumbs up to the Irish, maybe the rest of the world will follow, tens of thousand of Australians are in the same boat.
      Regulators are trying desperately to keep it hushed up, they are on the side of the banks.
      they should be on the consumers corrupt are they?

      • Joe Glackn , says:

        This is hopeful thinking as when the brought in an Emergency WW3 type Government legislation at 3am to dissolve Anglo Irish Bank . What do you think would happen here .??

    • Heather Niemiec says:

      Would like to join group

  13. Martin Lavelle says:


    Just for information, I am not a lawyer or a banker. I’m an ordinary officeworker and citizen of Ireland who is worried about the nonsense which is being put out on websites like this.

    • Annie says:

      Martin, I really think we need two worlds. One for people like you, who apparently enjoy being a slave to money and people like myself who want true freedom & happiness. You already have your world! Now why don’t I have the right to have mine. Be a slave if you wish. I am sorry you have been so brain washed as to embrace slavery for your self and the rest of mankind. You are the one who is caught up in nonsense. Peace to you I hope you wake up before its too late.

    • Rob says:

      what a sheep,, what are u even doing on this, go watch the six one news u sheep

  14. Charles Magus says:

    Though to do what the Irish people are doing is good, if it has anything to do with the OPPT, then they have to be extremely careful, as the OPPT is a fraud that was set up by the Cabal to cause a monumental Collaspe of the old system, so that when the OPPT finally destroy the old system, the Collapse will be catastrophic!! That is when the Cabal will step in (Under a New name) and will ask us to accept a one world Currency, a one world Central Bank, one world Government, Police and Military state! This is what they have planned for an awful long time! They actually think that they can get away with this fraud, but it is up to us to stamp it out before it occurs! Do not use the Declarations of the OPPT, as they are still using the Straw man version of us!! It is a trap! We are already Sovereign and free Human Beings! It is only when we accept a contract with Government are we screwed!! The OPPT Declarations will create a Global Federation that will keep us imprisoned forever, Do not fall for it.

  15. Martin Lavelle says:

    I really believe that you need to consult a solicitor before you go any further in giving “legal” advice on this website. The mis-information which you are giving is going to land someone in a lot of difficulty if they follow it.

    Firstly, the people of an ancient land cannot serve any notices on anyone. Second, they cannot use USA law to serve a notice on an Irish Bank and thirdly, if you’re going to sue someone for crimes against humanity, you need the appropriate locus standi to do it, none of which you have.
    I would urge ANYONE who is in financial difficulty with a bank to (a) talk to the bank and (b) talk to a solicitor, and DO NOT rely on this nonsense mis-information.

    • Fools Crow says:

      There is no “legal” advice offered on this site, just reportage and opinion.

      Are you a solicitor yourself, Martin? Or in the banking business? I note that you twice give advice to “consult a solicitor” and that you also urge people in financial difficulty to “talk to the bank”.

      The banks are the problem, the real villains and authors of all the pain and hardship inflicted on the people of this country. It is not appropriate to negotiate with thieves. By way of explanation, please see my response to Mr. O’Rourke below.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • Charles Magus says:

        The Only Hope the Irish poeple have is to not Contract with this Criminal Government which is nothing more than a corporation!! People will have to learn to take full responsibility for how they run their own Nation, The Government we have does not Serve us, it is owned by the very Banksters, Monarchy and Vatican that we have been controlled by for thousands of years! If we can show the world we can live without a corporate government and Corporate political parties, then the world will follow suit! The Debt is a Fraud! We never give the right for banks to issue money as Usury! A sovereign Government should be the only ones to Issue money free of interest and Debt! Life will become so much easier if we didn’t have Usury,

    • owlmon says:

      locus standi means clean hands…The bankers hands are dirty with blood,,, the people of Ire’s are clean…Martin seems to detract from the fact the banks run fraud from the moment they get your note. They sell it and expect to collect again from you..The note was and is the source of the funds…Martin who funds the loan?? Lawyers are officers of the court beholding by oath to the court before their client…The courts are beholding to the banks as they are in bed with them. You can only by a private tort suit statement of claim along with a notice to admit defeat their assumptions..

    • Solicitors only Answer to the Bench, therefore have no loyalty to their Clients, only to serve the Bar.

  16. donal finn says:

    This is in all honesty absolute junk.
    Same with the arrest warrant for the pope, attention grabbing click getting fraudulent hype….
    Cant believe people take this junk seriously,
    Thats not to say that banks are not criminal, but the government is the government 100%
    anyone saying they are illgeal needs their head seen too.

  17. Dave says:

    Total crap. Will never happen. We should serve ourselves with a cease and desist order…for electing these people in the first place and for going along with what they tell us. This story is laughable and unenforceable in Ireland. Really, Noonan is just going to stop now? Hahahaha. So naive and that’s exactly why they have all of us tightly by the balls..

  18. Jack says:

    Unfortunately UCC is American law?! Claiming Irish Sovereignty but expecting our Courts to be bound to foreign law is oxymoronic?

    • Fools Crow says:

      Jack, UCC is indeed an American construct, but virtually all global commerce is conducted through UCC. This includes the Bank for International Settlements and all their agents – the ECB, the Irish Central Bank, and all Irish banking & financial institutions.

  19. Friends – and I do count you as friends, being my fellow citizens of good-will – this is cloud-cuckoo-land almost beyond belief. Please return to earth.

    There are just too many delusions paraded in the link, the post and the comments for me to address them all. I will just refer to the last, which has appeared in several other places on the internet as well: The Minister for Finance has *not* registered as a limited company, and the link does not even imply that he has.

    Note that this does not mean that I regard the Government, the Troika, the legal profession, the financial services industry, or anyone else, as personifying Truth, Beauty or Justice, or that I believe that no-one has a legitimate grievance against any of them.

    • Fools Crow says:

      Fergus, one man’s delusion is another man’s reality.

      The main delusion here is that the banks actually lend their own money. I understand you are a lawyer with 15 years experience in banking and finance. Surely you are aware that the whole banking system is based on a gigantic fraud. We’ve been told as much by certain outspoken bankers and politicians over the years.

      The crux of all our ills is allowing private corporations to create private money for public use. And this money is created out of thin air. This is verified by no less an ‘expert’ than the Governor of the Bank of England.

      ALL credit comes from the energy (currency) of the people, the Credit Commons as it were. The banks brazenly hijack this credit, repackage it as their own, and ‘loan’ it out – with interest. How about that for gangsterism?

      This Money Power is aided and abetted by the government and the courts. I have no doubt that most politicians, judges, and so on start out on their careers with the best of honour and intention. But the system corrupts them, most of them anyway. And they are all very creative at devising ways and means of deceiving us, of picking our pockets and curtailing our rights.

      But, in the opinion of this writer, their days of infamy are over. Huge changes are about to wash over us. Changes for the better. Change will come a lot faster when more and more people tune into reality and call for an end to a corrupt, moribund system.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      • I don’t know anyone who thinks that the banks only lend their own money.

        No, all banking is not based on a gigantic fraud

        I note that, when it suits you, you believe what some bankers say.

        Yes, banks create money. It is the main reason that they have to be regulated.

        Given your espousal of unconvincing monetary theories, your prescription of radical responses which appear to hold out the mirage of something for nothing, or painless escape from debt, is unattractive, to put it mildly.

      • By the way, just what is “the inherent fraud in all mortgages” ?

      • Fools Crow says:

        Fergus, Fergus, Fergus… You spent 15 years as an attorney in the banking/financial sector and yet you are asking how mortgages are inherently fraudulent?

        From your own website and the tone of your articles, you come across as a decent man, a man of integrity.

        There is a wealth of information out there showing how mortgages/loans are based on fraud. Much of this information comes from the banking industry itself.

        I don’t know how to begin to answer your question; there is so much information. If your question is not rhetorical and you are serious about finding a truthful answer, please investigate it for yourself. You might start with an earlier article of mine, “Beware The Risen People…” at this link:-

      • Annie says:

        Fergus O’Rourke and many others on this site, seem to be in favor of slavery! I just can’t figure out how the whole world has become so brainwashed. Its as if no one has any ability left to think for themselves, or even see the realities that are staring them in the face. If anyone needs clarification, I strongly recommend the Zeitgeist documentaries. Its either time to create change or it will mean the end of this world. We have all been enslaved by money and the world banking system, and our stupid belief systems. Its is killing our planet and we will go with it, unless we take action now! Face it, so maybe we can do something about it! WAKE UP!!! I want to be free! Stop being a bunch of scared sissy’s!

      • Fools Crow says:

        Well spoken, Annie. It is great to see someone who is aware of this holographic illusion we appear to inhabit. And it is great to see you stand tall and realize your own power!

        However, I wouldn’t be too hard on Messrs O’Rourke and Lavelle. They are walking their own lifepath as they are entitled to do and play their own role in the great scheme of things. That they take a different view to you and I, and strongly oppose our viewpoints, is a challenge to us and makes us all the better for their opposition. I’m sure the same is true for them also.

        I believe a great change is close at hand, one that will ultimately create a better, happier world for all of us and our children. This rising tide will lift all boats, even those who opposed us. Perhaps we’ll all be friends then and be too busy celebrating to hold any grudges. 🙂

        I appreciate your comments.

  20. antoinettec says:

    hi there i I would like more info on the article about the banks sovereigns etc has it happened if so when just love to know more thank you x

    • Paddy says:

      @ antoinettec … Go to to find out more about your sovereignty or do a web (youtube) search on Billy McGuire, he is member of the supreme council, prssident of the IRB, keeper of the sovereign seal and president of the 32 county Sovereign Republic of Éire.. A true Irish man.

  21. Helen white says:

    Wasn’t there also a warrant for the pope arrest and also for the queen and these people have been protected just like our government and why did America get involved in this . This government is. Bullying people everyday wish more Irish people would turn out like the Cyprus and Greek people .

  22. This is truly incredible and gives us all much hope. I do notice our friends in Start Mortgages are not specifically listed in the document as are the other banks. I presume it also coves them. I will watch with immense interest how this all unfolds and thank you for informing us. Very exciting times indeed.

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