BIG NEWS! All The World’s Banksters Foreclosed! Puppet Governments and Corporations Too!

by Gabriel Donohoe


We truly live in extraordinary times! A huge blow has been struck against the banksters and their minions around the world! They have all been lawfully put out of business and all their assets lawfully claimed as compensation for the people.

A group known as One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has filed a myriad of documents that effectively and lawfully forecloses on all banks (including IMF, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, Ferderal Reserve, ECB, etc.), corporations, and most world governments (which have been surreptitiously set up as corporations trading for private profit).

The governments, banks, and corporations are all charged with fraud, treason, and slavery. And they all have remained silent in the face of these charges thereby admitting the truth of their egregious wrongdoing. They failed to rebut the charges because the charges can not be truly rebutted! They stand convicted by their own guilty silence.

(Note:  This is not an overthrow of governments but an ending of their existence as private corporations and the taking back by the people of their own misappropriated power.)

OPPT you are free

No doubt the banksters and their corporate governments will try to brazen this out in the hope that they can prevent the bulk of the people from discovering and acting upon this world-changing information.

But it is too late. The news is now sweeping across the globe! The first casualty was Pope Benedict, who headed the Vatican Bank, a proven criminal enterprise. Benedict, or Joseph Ratzinger, was about to be arrested on charges of facilitating paedophilia, money-laundering, and related crimes. Ratzinger has now holed up in the Vatican to avoid prosecution, not the act of an innocent man. Even some churchmen are now referring to him as the ‘Rat in the Vat’.

The actions by OPPT is wonderful news for freedom-loving people everywhere. All debts are now cancelled and the banksters’ assets will be seized to compensate the peoples of the world. Centres are being set up in every country in the world to help in the transition. They are known as CVACs (Creators’ Value Asset Centres).

OPPT planetawakening777

There are also a wealth of documents to help you put the banks in their place, or anyone else who is making illegitimate demands upon you. See in particular the Courtesy Notice.

OPPT golden age

Further information and documents on these websites:-


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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