Michael Collins Gave His Life To Win Irish Sovereignty; Cowen And Kenny Conspired To Destroy It

by Gabriel Donohoe

General Michael Collins at Portobello Barracks

On this day 90 years ago, one of Ireland’s greatest leaders died in an ambush in County Cork during a brutal Civil War. He was 32 years of age, a man of great charisma and immense personal courage, a man of ceaseless energy and wilful action, and a man of unquestionable honesty and integrity.

Michael Collins was fated to go down in history as Ireland’s most tragic hero of modern times, a slain idol whose untimely death would undermine the political providence of his people, as did the murders of other tragic leaders like Abe Lincoln or Jack Kennedy or Che Guevara or Crazy Horse of the Lakota.

Like all tragic heroes of Greek drama Collins had a fatal flaw, a deadly imperfection that led to his early death. Michael’s flaw was that he valued the freedom of his people more than he valued his own life. This obsession would consume him for the rest of his days. It would drive him to free Ireland from the shackles of a foreign oppressor for the first time in 800 years; but it would call upon him to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Michael Collins joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) at an early age and during the Easter Rising in 1916 fought alongside Pearse and the others in the GPO in Dublin. Collins narrowly escaped execution for his part in the Rising and advanced to become a key figure during the War of Independence against the British (1919-1921).

In 1919 Collins was appointed President of the IRB, a position that also made him de jure President of the Irish Republic. He was appointed Director of Intelligence of the Irish Volunteers (renamed the IRA) and Minister for Finance of the new Irish government, among other roles.

Collins risked his life daily as he cycled or walked about Dublin during the fight for independence. The British had posted a huge reward for his head and decried him as the most wanted man in Ireland. Of all the rebel leaders at the time, Collins was undoubtedly the one who inflicted the severest wounds on Britain’s mighty military machine. His intelligence network was superior to that of the enemy and the attrition of his hand-picked Assassination Squad and Flying Columns soon prompted the British to sue for peace.

Collins reluctantly became a key figure in the Treaty negotiations with the British. When the Treaty was subsequently rejected by Republicans, a bloody Civil War followed. No doubt it broke Collins’s heart to have to fight against his previous comrades-in-arms but he threw himself vigorously into a campaign that he believed would ultimately lead to full Irish independence.

Last Photo of Michael Collins

There has been much debate over the years in Ireland about the Civil War and anti- and pro-Treaty sentiment still runs high today. Without going into the vexed issues of the Treaty, there are few who would argue that Collins did not act out of intense love of country and that his supreme loyalty to the Irish people was unquestionable. Ninety years on, whether one agrees with the Treaty or not, one has to admire Collins’s singularity of purpose. His devotion to achieving Irish sovereignty is indisputable. Likewise, his desire for the wellbeing of the Irish people.

Scenes from Michael Collins’s funeral…

So, to summarise the attributes of Michael Collins: he was a leader in the true sense of the word, a man of vision, integrity, and courage, a man who was not afraid to risk his life and reputation, a true Celtic warrior who literally led from the front line of battle. He was a big man, both physically and metaphorically, ruggedly handsome and beloved by his adoring comrades who would follow him to the gates of hell itself.

When we compare our two most recent so-called leaders, Brian Cowen and Enda Kenny, with the venerated Michael Collins, the disparity is readily apparent.

First, we have Brian Cowen, a bespectacled, obese, beer-guzzling endomorph who will go down in history as the man who unspeakably betrayed his country and who callously sold the birthright of generations of Irish children. He is a man who leaped to serve the interests of the International Banksters ahead of the very people who entrusted him with the welfare and prosperity of the nation.

That night of the infamous Bank Guarantee needs to be revisited. Cowen must answer for his grievous act of treason. Brian Lenihan, who regrettably died before his three score and ten, is now beyond earthly judgement. Paul Gallagher, the Attorney General, a ‘cute hoor’ member of the Bilderbergers, a closed society of elite criminals, should also be vigorously questioned about his part in the financial destruction of our country and the transfer of our hard-won sovereignty to a bankster elite.

(Many Irish people are unaware of the fact that another ‘cute hoor’ Bilderberger was there in the room with Gallagher that night. He sat on the bankster side of the table and was able to walk away with a multi, multi-billion euro bailout deal in his pocket. His name? – Dermot Gleeson, chairman of Allied Irish Bank and a former Attorney General himself. One wonders, did these two Bilderberger scoundrels cook up an agreement that would cost the Irish people their sovereignty and cripple them with unpayable private bankster debt?

If we can show that this Bank Guarantee was a huge fraud then, according to international law, we can deem it ‘Odious Debt’ which can be lawfully and justly repudiated by the Irish people. This also applies to so-called ‘loans’ from the EU/ECB/IMF, another criminal syndicate known as the Troika.)

Secondly, we have Enda Kenny, a man whose physical movement is reminiscent of Geppetto’s wooden puppet – he walks and moves as if an unseen hand were pulling his strings. Unlike Pinocchio, his nose does not grow with each lie he tells – only our national debt. Kenny’s physical and verbal gaucherie is legendary. Like President Gerald Ford, they say he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.

Kenny’s mental processes are equally inept. In a much heralded ‘State of The Nation Address’ on TV last year he ‘revealed’ a monumental piece of information that everyone already knew: “We, the people, were not to blame for the banking collapse.” Then he went to the World Economic Forum in Davos and told everyone the very opposite – that Irish banks collapsed because “We all went mad borrowing.” What a dunderhead!

Before the election Kenny and his coalition partners told the electorate that the banks wouldn’t get another penny, that they would burn unsecured bondholders, and things would be done not “Frankfurt’s way” but “our way”.

A bunch of utter lies.

Kenny and his government have continued down the traitorous path laid out for them by Cowen. They have jumped to do the bidding of the International Banksters at every opportunity. Ireland is indeed being run “Frankfurt’s way”.

To illustrate, Kenny’s Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan was co-opted into the Bilderberger mafia earlier this year. Like others before him, from various countries, he is now under the influence of the bankster cabal. Noonan is another man who should face a barrage of questions about where his loyalties lie. Even if he attended Bilderberg in childish naivety, his contact with these criminals has damaged his reputation irrevocably. He should never be trusted in public office ever again.

In contrast with Michael Collins, Cowen and Kenny’s fatal flaw is that they placed their allegiance to foreign banksters above their loyalties to the Irish people. It has not caused them to lose their lives like it did Collins. And, in Kenny’s case, it has not led to a downfall, yet. But for both, public opprobrium and a day of reckoning awaits in the wings…

Alas, poor Ireland!


We fondly remember you, this special day.

You deserve your rest, you gave your all.

But when the wind round your headstone

Whispers tales of treason and treachery

By those pretenders to your mantle,

Judases who have mocked your sacrifice

And sold their people for a pouch of silver,

Then, perhaps, your spirit will be stirred to return…

Michael Collins’s Grave at Glasnevin, Dublin


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: www.foolscrow.net Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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3 Responses to Michael Collins Gave His Life To Win Irish Sovereignty; Cowen And Kenny Conspired To Destroy It

  1. Rita cahull says:

    I will wipe the smirk off their faces if I met one of them, rotten tomatoes I would shove into their faces, they are evil and the biggest traitors of all, infact they are worse than fff, watch out for the federal europeon convention, where you will never be able to speak out freedom of speech and democracy protest will vanish like Britain, it is important that people should know that David cameroon and Obama and enda kenny had all planned this, they want a united Ireland, north and south the same people in the north will be running the profit show on line, not the south, they profit we loose, and they gain, we sing, Britain looking out for the interest of northern Ireland and to revenge the south over the good Friday agreement and deserting the Protestants in northern Ireland, but that wasn’t are fault they were to blame, the republicans a d the loyalist, there is two sides to every storie, fg are very fond of the British they want to take all our independence offf us and remove 1937 to 1919 year Michael Collins will be replace of Michael Collins, I swear to you I read up on the whole lot, EU have very bad plans of burden us with higher taxes, people will have to pay fees for schooling their children and taxes, no free education anymore, health we will be paying most of that, and household charge goes up to €500.00 and more shop owners have to pay 25 per cent of taxes, food goes up, petrol goes up, alcohol, smokes, medication, etc, targeting pensioners, disabled, children’s allowances taxes at 10 per cent,

  2. Rita cahull says:

    Michael Collins gave nothing only grieve like the shower of wankers running our country, liars theives , cheats, , would ye like me to go on, they are nothing only scum of the earth,

  3. concerned taxpayer says:

    Excellent article is usual from Gabriel Donohoe. I particularly like the references to the Attorney General, Paul Gallagher and Michael Noonan, My on,y wish id that they would read it and it would wipe the smug smirks of their faces.

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