The Systematic Plundering Of Sean Quinn: People Of Ireland, Beware! The Vampire Banks Have Their Fangs In You Too!

by Gabriel Donohoe

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of menliving together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”      Frederic Bastiat – (1801-1850) in Economic Sophisms

Sean Quinn, Snr.

Regular visitors to this site will doubtlessly be aware that the wholescale looting of the lifetime assets of Sean Quinn is a carefully designed scheme concocted by an unholy alliance of criminal banksters, venal politicians, and an unprincipled judiciary. Frederic Bastiat, French political economist, predicted such systematic villainy some 170 years ago.

Today, Irish people follow the public destruction of the Quinn family with voyeuristic fascination. Many are sympathetic to the Quinns; but many more are indifferent, and a few are downright hostile. Mostly they see the plight of the Quinns, whether deserved or undeserved, as something that does not concern them.

But concern them it certainly does. The people of Ireland should well heed the words of the poet John Donne, “Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” Today, we can clearly observe the banksters’ bell tolling for the ruin of the Quinn family. But heed well the ringing bell, dear people of Ireland, for its debt knell tolls for you too. Many of you seem unaware of it, but the vampire banks have already opened your veins and are feasting on your blood.

One of the better-looking Irish Banksters

What is being done to the Quinns is being done every week to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sovereign Irish men and women. Family homes and businesses are being unlawfully seized by the banksters every day with the collusion of the courts and sometimes the Gardaí. The mass media are not only shamelessly silent about this gross injustice but they deliberately produce nasty and biased pieces against the Quinns and all others who dare oppose a corrupt system; our newspapers, radio, and TV stations have lost all journalistic integrity. Our colleges and universities are woefully inept, employing a policy of obfuscation rather than enlightenment. The Taoiseach and government ministers merely shrug their shoulders and say, “It’s the global recession. Nothing we can do about it.”

“Mmm. I wonder what ‘subornation’ means.”

But there are lots our politicians could do about it – if they weren’t so ill-informed, dishonest, or spineless. They could begin to change our fortunes overnight and put in train a revolutionary plan of action that would in short time take us to full employment, widespread abundance, and the absence of national debt. This is not rhetoric. It can be done, simply and speedily. We have written in detail about this in other articles on this site.

Global Banking Fraud

It’s no secret to those who are politically awakened that the current financial chaos was deliberately planned and executed. Billions upon billions of dollars/euros/pounds were skilfully finessed from the pockets of the middle and working classes into the already overflowing coffers of a small cadre of international banksters. It’s all about control and the centralization of power into fewer and fewer hands.

The Quinns and each and every one of us who have ever taken out a bank ‘loan’ or mortgage are the victims of a fraud so huge and so audacious that, to borrow a phrase from economist J.K. Galbraith, the mind is repelled. This enormous swindle is so utterly flagrant and ‘hidden’ in plain sight that we just can’t, or won’t, see it. As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, “The bigger the lie, the more inclined people will be to believe it.”

And so it is today that many lies and half-truths and volumes of disinformation are skilfully spread by the vassals of the banksters to exert control over us. Key areas of deception include: the global fraud of central banking, pharmaceuticals and the Germ Theory, global warming, the myth of peak oil, the suppression of natural health protocols and supplements, the suppression of revolutionary free energy technology, genetically modified foods, etc.

The entire system of global finance, banking, taxation, politics, academia, media, the courts, regulatory bodies, and so on, have been carefully constructed and put into place over a period of 8 or more generations by the banksters for the banksters. A global Money Power controls everything, without exception. We have been told this explicitly by world leaders over the past 200 years, most recently by Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, with the latter being murdered for attempting to stand up to these homicidal thugs.

Predatory Bank

The Big Cheese of all the banksters, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, said in 1838: “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.

This was no idle boast. By the mid-1850s, it was estimated that the Rothschilds owned half of Europe. How much of the world does the House of Rothschild own now? And how much is owned by the remaining handful of allied bankster dynasties?

As stated, the mainstream media is a major tool of the banksters by whose contrivances they control public opinion. And it works superbly. The gullibility of the populace must be a source of great joy to the banksters. The people are so believing of what they are told in the media that, in the words of a farmer I know, they “would swallow bananas sideways.” Or, if we were to borrow a well-known biblical term, the Irish public would strain at a gnat, but swallow a camel.

The Mainstream Media Sell-Out

The world’s mainstream media is owned today by a mere six monolithic corporations; just 30 years ago the mass media was owned by scores of independent corporations. With mergers and acquisitions the international banksters now have gained dominance over global TV, film, radio, radio, newspapers, and they’re doing their damnedest to take charge of the internet too. The banksters control everything that most of the world sees, reads, or hears. This, indeed, is awesome power. It is more than awesome – it is horrifying!

The Irish mainstream media, as a lynchpin of the bankster elite, continuously portrays Sean Quinn as a bogey man, the man who cheated Irish taxpayers out of billions of euro. Quinn has been castigated as one of the major culprits of Ireland’s economic suffering. The IBRC (formerly the Anglo Irish Bank) and the Government have cynically sidestepped their own guilt and heaped odium on Quinn and his family.

But none of their jejune propaganda stands up to scrutiny.

Admittedly, Sean Quinn made a serious error of judgement by investing in Anglo Irish Bank by use of a financial weapon of mass destruction known as Contract For Difference (CFD). That miscalculation led to grave problems for himself and his family. However, looking at it dispassionately, there is a very strong case that he would have paid off all his so-called debts to Anglo if he had been left alone to run his money-making Quinn Group. But the greed and avarice of special interests combined with Machiavellian politics conspired against him.

Government Treachery

Sean Quinn’s difficulties with Anglo Irish Bank originated as a private affair. Sean Quinn, a private individual, entered into an arrangement with Anglo Irish Bank, a private corporation, using his own assets for collateral, private companies trading at considerable profit. With annual profits of some half a billion euro, Quinn could have effected a full pay-off to Anglo within an agreeable time frame. In reality, it was a totally private affair.

It all might have – and should have – ended there, to everyone’s satisfaction.

However, in an incredible act of unprecedented treason, the Irish government of the day under Cowen and Lenihan, when faced with a systemic banking implosion, decided to take the huge private gambling debt of banking fraudsters and transfer it to the unsuspecting Irish public. The Irish people and their children and their grandchildren would now have to pay for the criminal excesses of the banksters, not one of whom was ever reprimanded in four years for their illicit behaviour and who continued to draw massive bonuses as a reward for their obscene fraud.

(Just a week ago, three former Anglo Irish banksters were arrested and questioned about fraud. It remains to be seen whether this is a dog & pony show designed to appease the people or whether the Office of Corporate Enforcement means serious business.)

Seanie Fitzpatrick Arrested

Among the billions of euro treacherously landed on the backs of the Irish people was the 2.8 billion euro allegedly owed by the Quinn family. With a stroke of a pen, this private debt to a private bank suddenly became the responsibility of the Irish people, courtesy of Cowen and Lenihan. Were the Irish people consulted about this? No. Neither was Sean Quinn. As Mr. Quinn said himself, “We never borrowed a penny from the taxpayer.”

But then the bank, through a receiver, unlawfully seized Sean Quinn’s companies on both sides of the border in a military style operation after they had tricked him into travelling to Dublin. The receivers pay themselves £1,000 an hour to run businesses in which they have little experience, if any at all. Other predators who have joined the feast include solicitors, accountants, actuaries, financiers, PR men, security personnel, and other ‘advisors’. They will soon strip the carcass of its flesh and jeopardize the jobs of thousands of employees.

The Banksters Descend On The Quinn Group

Bank Fraud – A Global Scam

So, to re-state the main point in the first paragraph, the wholescale looting of the assets of the Quinns is a deliberate criminal scheme to enrich the banksters. In their crime, the banksters are aided and abetted by the pillars of state – executive, legislature, judiciary, and media.

As mentioned earlier, Frederic Bastiat, in the 1840s, forecast the descent of governments and the courts into an ethos of corruption and collusion with thieves. One has only to recall a few names like Ray Burke, Liam Lawlor, Michael Lowry, Charlie Haughey, Bertie Ahern, and a plethora of tribunals over the last 20 or 30 years to understand what Bastiat foresaw. And these are just the shenanigans we know about. Our entire system of ‘democracy’ is rotten to the core, not just in Ireland but globally too.

Get on Google or your favourite search engine and you’ll see that there are millions of mortgages in the U.S.A. in limbo because of unprecedented bank fraud in the securitization of loans. You’ll see that the courts there are chock-a-block with tens of thousands of homeowners and business owners suing their banks for fraud. You’ll even see YouTube clips from mainstream television showing how thousands of young people, the ‘Burger King’ set, have admitted forging the signatures of bank presidents, lawyers, notaries, and borrowers on bank documents to help the banks fraudulently foreclose on hundreds of thousands – maybe millions – of homes and businesses.

The system in the U.S.A. is about to implode under the weight of criminality by the banks, as it will worldwide. And implode it should, for it is nothing but a diabolical scheme to impoverish the people and grossly enrich a small gang of international banksters. Yet the banksters and their lobbyists are making strenuous efforts to ‘persuade’ the Federal Government and the individual States to pass laws which will retroactively legalize their  innumerable crimes in return for agreed fines.

Since the BNP Paribas affair in 2007, we have had banking scandal after scandal after scandal and now we have the Libor Scandal. This is COLOSSAL. It involves the theft of perhaps a thousand trillion dollars by the manipulation of interest rates and bond prices by the banks, with the knowledge and cooperation of central banks, including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. The money stolen matches something like the entire GDP of the world 15 to 20 times over! In over four years of breathtaking banking frauds we’ve never seen anything like this before.

Writer Stephen Lendman refers to the Libor Scandal as a “Cesspool of Financial Fraud” and “Unprecedented Government Sanctioned Crime.” Lendman goes on to say, “All major banks commit grand theft. It’s standard practice. Corrupt politicians turn a blind eye. So do regulators. Western banking is rife with fraud…

“The system is too corrupt to fix. At issue is clearing it out and replacing it with an entirely new paradigm.

“Central bankers and complicit politicians bear full responsibility for what’s happening. They’re heading economies for a worse disaster than the Great Depression.”

Now, given that the global banking system is a gigantic mafia enterprise, the big question is, did Anglo Irish Bank loan the Quinns any “money” in the first place? That is, did they hand over pre-existing cash, otherwise known as money of exchange, or did they come across with valuable commodities like bars of gold or silver? The answer is a resounding No!

The Scams In Action

Like banks all over the world, Anglo did not lend the Quinns its own assets such as depositors’ funds or shareholders’ funds. Banks don’t lend their own money. They merely make an entry on their computers and, hey presto!, the “money” is there. It’s called money of account. It is conjured out of thin air. It is totally new ‘money’ and, in the Anglo case, didn’t exist until Sean Quinn created it himself with his signature on a promissory note.

The banks create loans to governments, businesses, and to individuals in the same manner. It is how they artfully add to our national debt. It is how they manufacture your mortgage out of nothing. Banking is a massive counterfeiting operation. There is no other way to describe it. If you or I tried this we would end up in jail.

Irving Fisher, distinguished U.S. Professor of Economics, said in 100 Percent Money (1935):

“Thus, our national circulating medium is now at the mercy of loan transactions of banks, which lend, not money, but promises to supply money they do not possess.”

Fisher’s observation is brilliant and succinct and just as pertinent today as it was 77 years ago.

It is only in the last few years, with a great global awakening stirring peoples across the planet, that we are fast becoming aware of the great fraud of banking. We still have much to uncover but below is a brief summary of some of the banksters’ secrets and scams we have unearthed so far.

Until recently, most people believed – and many still do – that banks have a limited but substantial amount of money in their vaults with which to make loans. They believe this money is in the form of hard cash, represented perhaps by shareholders’ funds or depositors’ funds. Neither is true, but this is what the banks want you to believe. It is a major deception.

Economists know this banking fable is not true. They know well that banks don’t lend shareholders’ or depositors’ funds. At economic colleges they are taught that money is created through the Multiplier Effect, or Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) if you will. Economic students are taught that central banks or the Bank for International Settlements set reserve ratios, that commercial banks must have a certain amount of money on deposit with their central bank and that they can loan out a certain multiple of that. For example, they are told that if a commercial bank has €100 million of reserves with their central bank and the reserve ratio is, say, 10%, then that bank may loan out a thousand million (a billion) euro to borrowers.

Another way this works, according to economics lecturers, is that if a customer deposits €1,000 in their bank, then the bank may hold a minimum of 10% (€100) in reserve and loan out €900 to a new borrower. And the original depositor still has access to his €1,000. The new loan of €900 could create newer deposits of which 90% is loaned out each time so that the original €1,000 deposit accumulates (or multiplies) allowing the bank(s) to loan out and charge interest on €10,000 it never had.

This is a clever deception on the people but, in reality, it is not the whole truth either.

Many countries, including the U.K., do not have fixed reserve ratios. In 2008, some U.K. banks were found to have only reserves of £1.25 for every £100 loaned. Still, so-called economic experts insist that loans are made or multiplied from a fixed ratio of customer deposits and that banks can’t make loans until they receive deposits from savers.

In fact the complete opposite is true, as attested by Alan Holmes (Senior VP, Federal Reserve, NY), Distayat & Bori (Bank for International Settlements), and Vitor Constancio (VP of the European Central Bank), among others. Banks make loans by creating entries on their computers and look for deposits later. Furthermore, the new loans they create then become deposits. So, in spite of what the economic textbooks say, banks do not need any reserves to create loans.

In short, banks create new money by expanding their balance sheets. We don’t have the space here to go into all of this in detail but, basically, banks create new money whenever they extend credit, buy existing assets, or make payments on their own account. This expansion of their assets is only minimally linked to the amount of reserves they hold at the central bank.

All commercial banks have accounts with their nation’s central bank. At the end of each business day all inter-bank accounts must be settled. For instance, if Bank of Ireland (BoI) writes loan cheques totalling €850,000 which their clients use to pay creditors (car dealers, travel agent. etc.) who bank at, say, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), then BoI will owe AIB €850,000. This must be paid in cash or in central bank reserves, which amounts to ‘electronic cash’. Therefore, you would expect that BoI needs to have a minimum of €850,000 in its Central Bank account.

And if BoI write other loans amounting to €10 million that end up being deposited in other Irish banks (Ulster Bank, Perm TSB, NIB), then you’d also expect that BoI needs to have at least €10,850,000 in central bank money to meet the loans they’ve written.

But, going back to the original amount of €850,000 that BoI owes AIB, what if AIB itself wrote loans of €825,000 that ended up as deposits with BoI? AIB now owes BoI €825,000. After the Central Bank of Ireland does the credit and debit calculations between the two banks, all that BoI actually owes AIB is €25,000 in central bank money. (Subtract €825,000 from €850,000.) The Central Bank duly debits BoI in the amount of €25,000 and credits AIB’s account with the same amount. No more money than that need change hands.

And what if the other three banks together write loans amounting to €9,950,000 that end up as deposits with BoI? When all the calculations are done, BoI will only owe €50,000 in total to the three of them. (Subtract €9,950,000 from €10,000,000.) It would mean that on this particular day’s trading, BoI made ‘loans’ and charged interest on €10,850,000 while only needing reserves of €75,000 in central bank money. “A nice little earner,” as Del Boy would say.

Of course, every day may fluctuate up or down but you have to take your hat off to the genius of these master criminals. Nonetheless, to pluck money out of the air and loan it at interest is a grievous crime of usury. For hundreds of years, moneylenders were put to death by both Church and State for the crime of usury. Today, the moneylenders live in opulence at the apex of society, are courted and feted by Church and State, and have all the institutions of government working to serve and protect their interests.

Look at the figures from the Bank of England for 2006 which show that the central bank reserves of U.K. banks amounted to £20 billion, yet these same banks conducted £704 billion in daily transactions! Would you call that usury? Charging interest on £684 billion of loans the banks didn’t have?

What if a bank didn’t have enough central bank reserves to meet its daily obligations? Usually, they could borrow from another bank who had a reserve surplus or from pension funds or other large investors or they might borrow from the Central Bank itself.

This scam works beautifully as long as all the banks are expanding their balance sheets at more or less the same steady rate. The key is that they all work together. Daily reserve settlements among them will only be minimal. But if one bank gets too greedy and expands its balance sheet (creates loans out of thin air) at a faster rate than the others it won’t have enough reserves at the central bank to meet the difference between the outgoing loans it has written and deposits coming in from other banks.

That’s what happened to Northern Rock (NR). It expanded its balance sheet more rapidly than the other banks, creating huge outflows of central bank reserves. It soon found itself unable to settle its accounts with the other banks. For various reasons no other banks or investors would lend to NR. The Bank of England allowed it to collapse and it was nationalized soon afterwards. All the shareholders of Northern Rock lost every penny of their investments.

The danger is that when one bank overstretches itself and fails, it could bring down the others, and then the whole rotten edifice would come tumbling down. Perhaps this is what happened to Anglo Irish Bank.

Before we wrap up, there is another important bank deception that needs to be mentioned.

When a ‘borrower’ signs a promissory note to the bank he thinks the bank will keep it secure in a vault and trot it out if he defaults on the loan. But the ‘borrower’ is not told that a promissory note is a negotiable instrument and that the bank can lodge it as an asset of the bank or convert it to cash for its own use. It stamps the note with something like Pay To The Order Of ABC Bank, Without Recourse and the bank then has the full cash amount of the loan, an unwitting gift from you.

We have this information from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank who, in their publication of the 1960s and 1990s, Modern Money Mechanics, tell us on page 6 that they accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrower’s transaction account. The key word is “exchange“. They merely swap credit with you. They don’t loan you anything. As strange as it sounds, you provide the funds for your own loan.

This information has been covered in other articles on this site and is well worth exploring. You can also use Google to find additional information.

Count Bernanke

Time For Action

It should now be apparent to most readers that Sean Quinn and his family were massively defrauded by Anglo Irish Bank and it should also be self-evident that every Irish man or woman who has, or ever had, a bank loan, credit card loan, or mortgage has been defrauded in the very same way.

We’ve had two High Court justices attack the Quinns with words and phrases like “lack of openness”, “lack of cooperation”, “dishonest”, “sharp practice”, “devious”, and so on. Might not these terms be applied to the banks themselves, a hundred thousand fold?

Do not indulge in bad-mouthing the Quinns. We are all in the same boat. What is being done to them is, and will, be done to you.

Brothers and sisters, this is very serious. This is War! It is a war for your money, your freedom, and your future!

Join the Revolution! Fight for yourselves and for your children and for the yet unborn generations of Ireland.

I’m not talking about a violent revolution but a bloodless revolution, a revolution of the mind. Peaceful action and passive resistance is more powerful than the gun.

How can you fight?

You must inform yourself and inform others about the fraud of the banksters. Exchange information with all your family, friends, and social circle. Have discussions and debates. Give talks. Attend talks.

If you have loans or mortgages or credit card debt, challenge the banksters to prove they actually loaned you any “money”. Thousands upon thousands of Irish men and women are presently challenging the banks and the system is becoming choked up. Ask them for proof and demand answers. They don’t have the proof and they don’t know what to do, except to threaten and bully and bluster. (You’ll find more information on how to challenge the banks on this site or on the Internet.)

Write to your local representatives. Demand that they do something. Demand that they inform themselves about the great banking scam and have it debated in the Dáil. If they don’t, throw them out of office. Put forward people of integrity who are knowledgeable and fearless.

Do something. Act now!

Some of the pessimists among you will say, “But how can we fight the State? We will need a huge majority!”

No, we won’t. As Samuel Adams once said, “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Adams should know – after all, wasn’t he a leader of a small minority of brave activists who defeated the mighty British Empire in the American Revolution?

The Rising

…nor Angela Merkel nor Brussels, nor the City of London…

And remember our own Rising of 1916. When the rebels were captured after a week of fighting, the Irish people cursed them and pelted them with rotten eggs. But, the mood soon changed, changed utterly. And so our Republic came into being. As Victor Hugo says, “You cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

Well, that time has now come. There are certain forces who are trying to undermine our Great Republic and take away our liberties and our sovereign rights.


For the second time in 100 years, the Irish people will Rise up against those who would oppress them.

Let the Rising begin!

“The great appear great because we are on our knees.

Let us rise.” ‘Big’ Jim Larkin (1876-1947)


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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5 Responses to The Systematic Plundering Of Sean Quinn: People Of Ireland, Beware! The Vampire Banks Have Their Fangs In You Too!

  1. Brenda Walsh says:

    Excellent presentation of the facts with great clarity and comprehension enabling everyone to grasp the story. You will see risings, anarchy in most countries by the End of 2012, throughout 2013 – this is why the Concentration Camps are in place in most countries but they have covert names like Dissident Centres, Residential Centres etc etc. Best we start our survival including food preparations now! The coming WWIII will see the total collapse of the world Financial System and our Economies worldwide so that the Banksters can usher in their New World Order with Electronic Chipping of the people, giving them total control of our lives. So prepare NOW!
    Yes, well done Gabriel for an outstanding piece of journalism – first class!

  2. Marcie says:

    Well done, excellent article. Our postman was handing out leaflets today about the Anglo conspiracy. Let the revolution begin.

  3. po43 says:

    Once again thank you for this excellent true and accurate article. It’s ironic that I should have received it to my inbox today as I was out discussing this very subject with some people. The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. Thank you.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Excellent article Gabriel. The mystery is how few are willing to recognise the obvious.

    Regards, Kevin

  5. concerned taxpayer says:

    fascinating article and hopefully it will make people think seriously about what is being inflicted on so many people in this country. There has always been a culture in Ireland of not challenging those who are perceived as being in authority. That culture has contributed to the mess in which we find ourselves. Its time to question and not stop questioning until we are listened to. Well done Gabriel Donohoe on another excellent,thought provoking presentation.

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