Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time

by Gabriel Donohoe

The Irish Government has recently passed the harshest budget in the history of the State with further austerity promised for the next three years and perhaps for decades. Prime Minister Brian Cowen and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan have steered Ireland from the booming prosperity of a Celtic Tiger to a ruined shell of a country where unemployment, poverty, emigration, and despair are proceeding to destroy a once proud, industrious people.

Cowen and Lenihan also bear the ignominy of having brought in the International Monetary Fund who, along with EU banksters, are now dictating Irish fiscal policy. The IMF has long had a vulturish reputation for plundering weaker countries by stripping the flesh of its victims down to the bare bones. This repulsive scavenger is well known for promoting austerity and misery, grabbing national assets for its bankster and corporate friends, and leaving the skeleton of a country’s economy in its wake. The first piece of offal to be plucked from the Irish carcass by this opportunistic carrion eater was the nation’s €20 billion pension fund, the life savings of working people.

As a result of Ireland’s dramatic reversal of fortune the names of Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan are now being reviled as the villains who inflicted horrendous financial disaster upon the Irish people and forced the enslavement of future generations to a criminal cadre of International Banksters.

The words ‘treason’, ‘traitors’, and ‘treachery’ are being increasingly used not only by ordinary citizens but also by certain politicians, economists, business leaders, and celebrities. ‘Economic treason’ was a term used by the leader of the Labour Party to describe Cowen and Lenihan’s blanket guarantee to the banks. And, incredibly, even the country’s ostensibly non-partisan police association, the GRA, accused the government of ‘treachery’ and denounced it as a ‘government of national sabotage’.

Today, Cowen and Lenihan are being compared to other traitors in history like Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian politician who assisted the Nazis to conquer his native country; General Benedict Arnold, an American soldier who changed sides during the Revolution and betrayed his country to the British; and even Judas Iscariot, who betrayed his Master for 30 pieces of silver.

In Ireland, the names of Cowen and Lenihan now evoke the same revulsion as that reserved for Dermot MacMurrough, a 12th century King of Leinster who has been loathed for over 8 centuries as the man who brought the first English invaders to Ireland. In 1167, after a dispute with other Irish kings which led to his forced exile, MacMurrough persuaded an English army under the command of the Earl of Pembroke, known as ‘Strongbow’, to invade Ireland and help him take his kingdom back.

MacMurrough died 3 years later and Strongbow declared himself the King of Leinster. Thus began the beginning of a British military occupation that would last for over 800 years and cause countless thousands of Irish deaths and condemn many generations of Irish men and women to utter misery, slavery, famine, and financial and religious tyranny. It is not easy for anyone to incite more odium in the hearts of the Irish people than that of the back-stabber Dermot MacMurrough.

And yet Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan are reviled with the same detestation as that accorded the traitorous 12th century King of Leinster.

What did Cowen and Lenihan do to earn such public loathing?

On September 29th, 2008, a momentous event occurred. That evening, four of the most senior executives of Ireland’s two largest high street banks, Dermot Gleeson and Eugene Sheehy of Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and Brian Goggin and Richard Burrows of Bank of Ireland (BOI), called to Government Buildings for a hastily convened meeting with the Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, and the Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan. Also present was the Irish Attorney-General, Paul Gallagher.

The banksters were frantic. As the property bubble was beginning to burst, their main rival, Anglo Irish Bank, was in serious trouble and the huge loss of liquidity could bring down the country’s entire financial system. Like Anglo Irish, AIB and BOI also had massive exposure to the developers and all were in danger of imminent collapse. The banksters implored the Government to do something, immediately, before the money markets opened the following morning.

Having received such stark news from the banksters, Cowen and Lenihan knew they had to move quickly and decisively. They would have to act, and be seen to act, without bias and without favouring any special interest groups. Their first duty was to ensure the welfare of the nation as a whole and to safeguard the financial interests of all the Irish people.

But in this they failed utterly. One special interest group, the banksters, prevailed spectacularly over the interests of the Irish people. How did the banksters manage to wield such inordinate influence over crucial governmental policy?

A key disturbing fact about this meeting was never commented upon in the mainstream media. On the government side of the table sat Paul Gallagher, the Attorney-General, legal adviser to the Irish Government. On the banksters’ side of the table sat Dermot Gleeson, the AIB chairman and himself a former Irish Attorney-General. But, apart from both men holding the senior law office of the land, a more sinister connection between them remained undisclosed. They were both Bilderbergers.

For those who haven’t heard of the Bilderbergers, they are a brotherhood of unelected international banksters, corporatists, politicians, and others who meet secretly every year to formulate and manipulate world policy in finance, economics, trade, and any other area that they can control for their own selfish, globalist interests.

It may well be that the presence of the two Bilderbergers, Gleeson and Gallagher, was just a coincidence but, considering such incredibly high stakes, it can be argued that Gallagher’s attendance as Attorney-General at such a crucial meeting generated a monumental conflict of interest. His Bilderberger connection clearly compromised him as legal adviser to the Irish Government, especially when his Bilderberger pal, Gleeson, was about to be on the receiving end of a whopping government bailout.

After a surprisingly short discussion with some members of the cabinet, the Attorney-General, and top civil servants, Cowen and Lenihan arrived at an ominous decision. They decided that the Government would guarantee all the liabilities of six Irish banks – not just customer and interbank deposits but also the full exposure of all bondholders! This amounted to some 450 billion euro, an astronomical figure which, if ever called upon, would destroy the country.

With the stroke of a pen Cowen and Lenihan shifted hundreds of billions of private debt incurred by greedy, fraudulent banksters and dumped it onto the backs of the Irish people. This was an incredible act of treachery against the Irish nation. What could possess these two politicians to put their people into impossible debt and penury – perhaps for generations – just to save a few mega-rich banksters from taking a loss on their reckless gambling? Was it utter ineptitude or was it something more sinister than that?

As Marcellus said to Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, ‘Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.’ He said ‘Denmark’, but he might well have been describing present-day Ireland. This bank guarantee deal stinks to high heaven!

Inflicting a risk exposure of €450 billion on the Irish nation was tantamount to state suicide. The willing and needless placement of an entire people into such peril could only be the result of criminal incompetence or criminal collusion. There could be no other explanation, except, of course, criminal insanity. Take your pick. Are Cowen and Lenihan criminally inept, corrupt, or insane?

To put the enormity of the hazard to the nation into perspective let’s compare it to U.S Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s 2008 bank bailout of $700 billion which was then strenuously opposed by the great majority of the American people. The Irish bailout was the equivalent of more than $585 billion dollars, not a far cry from the $700 billion that so appalled and angered most Americans. Consider that the U.S. has a population of 300 million while Ireland only has a population of less than 4.5 million, much the same as the state of Louisiana.

At 3.30am the four bankers left. According to Shane Ross, author of Bankers, they had ‘put the gun to the Government’s head and the ministers had delivered.’

Ireland was aghast. Cowen and Lenihan said the bailout was necessary to preserve Ireland’s creditworthiness with ‘the markets’. This was hogwash and was said so by many people at the time, including leading economists. (The fallacy of the ministers’ thinking is borne out by the approach of the plucky Icelandic people who refused to take on private bankster debt and whose economy is now in a much healthier position than that of Ireland.) But Lenihan persisted with the bailout declaring that it would be ‘the cheapest bailout in history’. Those words, like the ghost in Hamlet, would soon come back to haunt him.

Cowen and Lenihan then proceeded to pour taxpayers’ money into the banks, capitalizing the high street lenders to the tune of some €13.5 billion. This figure did not even include the requirements of Anglo Irish Bank, the biggest culprit of fraudulent lending, who Lenihan said could be saved with a €4 billion bailout. As time progressed the Minister of Finance continually revised his figures upwards, going to €12 billion, €18 billion, €24 billion, and now the figure is hovering around €35 billion. The Irish people will never see a single cent of the tens of billions poured into that black hole that is Anglo Irish Bank. This cannot be described as anything other than an act of outrageous criminality.

Another fiasco in the making, the brainchild of Lenihan and Cowen, is NAMA (National Asset Management Agency), set up to restore the banks’ balance sheets by buying their toxic loans to the tune of some €54 billion of taxpayers’ money. This is another huge and needless risk that is likely to go disastrously wrong and which hangs eternally over Irish taxpayers like the Sword of Damocles. The slightest miscalculation and the sword falls – with devastating effect.

This writer, and many others, pointed out at the time that there was a much better short-term solution to the Irish banking problem. The Government could have let the banks fail – that’s what happens in capitalism when businesses are reckless or make mistakes – and set up a state bank. A state bank could have created all the credit the country needed with a much, much smaller outlay. Through fractional reserve lending, a bank can create some twelve and a half times the amount of credit that it holds in assets. For example, if a state bank is capitalised with €10 billion it can lend out €125 billion. With only €20 billion in capital a state bank could create and lend out €250 billion. This would have boosted Irish businesses and given the economy a huge injection and would have obviated the need to go back to the exploitative money markets.

(It is important to point out that this would be a short-term solution only. The real cause of global financial chaos and prohibitive national debt is the permitting of private banking cartels to create a nation’s money, money that is based on debt and bears interest and which makes an immense fortune for the international banksters – to the impoverishment of the people.)

But Cowen and Lenihan seemed not to be focussed on what was good and efficacious for the people of Ireland but on how to save a few criminal banksters from incurring gigantic losses.

Before the bank guarantees, Ireland had a manageable sovereign debt. But after taking on the private debts of reckless, fraudulent banksters Cowen and Lenihan drove Ireland into insolvency. Interest on Irish government bonds rose dramatically and threatened to destabilise the Euro. Uncertainty about Ireland’s ability to handle its deficit caused unrest in Portuguese and Spanish bond markets. There were concerns too about Belgium and Italy. The EU, fearful that panic and contagion would spread and collapse the Euro, bullied the Irish Government into taking a joint EU/IMF bailout. The high placed members of the self-serving Brussels elite were willing to impose hardship and needless austerity upon the people of Ireland in order to save their precious Euro and to preserve their positions of opulence and power.

The Irish economy per se did not need a bailout, but Irish banks did. The IMF does not lend to banks but only to sovereign countries. (That way, they can force a country to bleed its taxpayers to get their money back.) Cowen and Lenihan then proceeded to sell the idea of an EU/IMF loan to the country as a ‘rescue package’ for the Irish nation. This was a complete lie. It was a rescue package mainly for German, British, and French banks who had recklessly and greedily loaned billions to Irish banks during the Celtic Tiger boom.

David McWilliams, Irish economist, broadcaster, and writer, says of the IMF, ‘It is not here to bail us out; it is here to bail [the banks] out. The bailout is a bailout for the banks of Germany and France and the Irish taxpayer foots the bill. It is that simple. And where will the EU and IMF money come from? It will be borrowed from the very investment banks that will be bailed out. So they will get interest payments from us, in order that we pay for their mistakes.’

This view is echoed by Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, adjunct lecturer in Finance at Trinity College, Dublin, who likens the ECB/IMF bailout to ‘corporate welfare’ (as opposed to social welfare). ‘It’s worse than corporate welfare, it’s corporate welfare with a massive moral hazard loaded on top. This is an undemocratic, corporatist transfer of wealth from ordinary citizens to a tiny group of people: bank bondholders…’

Just who are these precious bondholders that Cowen and Lenihan would bind and bankrupt the country in order to make up their ‘gambling’ losses?

Senator and presidential hopeful David Norris tried to read out their names under parliamentary privilege in the Irish Senate but was quickly silenced. It seems that Cowen and Lenihan and the Irish Government do not want the people to know that they have been put into debt slavery for the benefit of some of the wealthiest, most fraudulent banksters in the world. The names of these bondholders are now a matter of public record, thanks to investigative journalists like Guido Fawkes (

Some of the more familiar names among the four score or so major bondholders are Goldman Sachs, one of the most despised banks on Wall Street whose name is synonymous with greed, sleaze, and fraud. Max Keiser, broadcaster and former broker & options trader, says, ‘Goldman Sachs are scum. I mean that’s the bottom line. They have basically co-opted the U.S. Government, they have co-opted the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve functionality. They’ve co-opted the Obama administration. And Barack Obama dances to Goldman Sach’s tune. They are really crooked and abominable in what they’ve done.’

Keiser continues, with remarkable candour, ‘Just remember, Hank Paulson held Congress hostage, took them in the back room and said give us $700 billion or we’re gonna crash the market. He’s an arsonist; he’s an outlaw. And yet he’s given praise. If you go down the list, they’re all Goldman Sachs scum, whether it’s Hank Paulson, whether it’s Geithner…you know Geithner has very strong ties to Goldman Sachs…and of course all these banking bonuses are paid out to all their cronies who are Goldman Sachs scum.’

Another Anglo Irish Bank bondholder is the Rothschilds Bank, Zurich; the Rothschild family are reputed to have owned half the wealth of Europe a century and a half ago – how much do they own now? And most of the remaining bondholders are worth an accumulation of some twenty trillion euro. An Irish default would involve such an insignificant fraction of their wealth that it would hardly cause them to raise their eyebrows. Yet Cowen and Lenihan forced crippling debt upon the Irish people for many years to come in order to repay the banksters every single cent of their reckless investments.

One great irony amid all this debt and despair is the great wealth recently discovered in the gas fields off the west coast of Ireland. The Corrib gas field alone is reckoned to be worth well over €420 billion, enough to pay off all of Ireland’s debts and make the country vastly rich. According to the Petroleum Affairs Division there is even more gas and oil off the west coast, perhaps as much as 13 trillion euro or beyond, enough to make millionaires of every man, woman, and child in Ireland.

What did the Irish Government do with this €420 billion windfall from the Corrib field? They gave it away to Royal Dutch Shell for nothing. Yes, nothing! In an incredible move, the government cut the State’s share from 50% to zero on all its offshore oil and gas and abolished all royalties.

Why would they do such a crazy thing?

For an answer to that you’ll have to ask the then minister, Ray Burke, who was later convicted and jailed for political corruption on other matters.

Royal Dutch Shell, with its monthly revenues fluctuating between $25 billion and $45 billion, certainly doesn’t need the money as much as the Irish people do. Royal Dutch Shell is a key Bilderberg asset; its principal shareholder is Queen Beatrix of Holland, a long-time member of Bilderberg which was founded by her father, Prince Bernhard, a former officer of Hitler’s SS. Giving these plutocrats billions, and perhaps trillions, in oil and gas for absolutely nothing is criminally obscene and utterly enraging. These energy resources rightfully belong to the Irish people and it’s not for individual politicians, whether corrupt or incompetent, to give them away for nothing.

Looking forward, there will soon be a new government in Ireland. It is now time for the Irish people to take a firm stand. In the coming election campaign they must warn incoming government hopefuls that there HAS to be radical change. The criminal pledges of an outgoing government of traitors MUST be dismantled and consigned to the trash can, along with their authors. The people will not stand for more of the same old bullshit gombeen politics; they are in no mood for mealy-mouthedness or ineffectual tinkering with a failed system. They demand nothing less than clear, decisive, and even ruthless change. They demand leaders of integrity, innovation, and courage. And they demand a decent living for themselves, their children, and future generations yet unborn. There can be no going back!

Actions that should be taken as a matter of urgency:

• Defaulting on private bankster debt which is not a just or proper debt of the Irish people.
• Leave the Euro and return to the Irish Punt. (And consider leaving the EU altogether and take back control of our seas which have been plundered of hundreds of billions of euro of fish stock by other EU nations.)
• End Fractional Reserve Banking and take the power of money creation back from private, criminal banking cartels. The Government would then issue debt-free, interest-free money for the benefit of all the people.
• Spend this debt-free money on hospitals, education, sustainable green energy, ports & harbours, transportation, roads, and infrastructure such as the 100+ year old water and sewage systems that are about to collapse.
• Take full control of all oil, gas, and mineral deposits on land and within our territorial waters.
• Pay a monthly dividend, or basic income, to every adult and child, such as that described in Social Credit or as explained in ‘The Cook Plan’ by Richard C. Cook.
• Promote organic farming so that we are more self-sufficient and need to import less and less foreign foodstuffs.
• Encourage the use of natural medicines and natural health therapies so that the people have real freedom of choice.
• Reduce the number of seats in parliament, abolish the senate and useless quangos, and use the internet more to interface with our politicians and government.
• Make the Mainstream Media truly independent so that they will return to being the proper watchdogs of the people.
• Promote the arts and artists so that we may discover our true spiritual nature and live in peace and harmony and abundance on this wondrous planet of ours.

If a new Irish government implements the actions listed above, the country will quickly achieve unrivalled prosperity and contentment and could well become a guiding light for momentous reform in other nations of the world.

Pecunia, si uti scis, ancilla est; si nescis, domina. (If you know how to use money, money is your slave; if you don’t, money is your master.)


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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59 Responses to Irish Leaders Castigated As Greatest Traitors Of All Time

  1. Wonderful writing and needs to be retold again and again after another Gombeen Government à la Fine Gael / Labour Farce in power.
    In addition to the facts given, it should be noted that the Norman invasion of Ireland needed funding. All wars do. This came from Roman Pope which saw Irish Christianity as a threat. Yet another proxy war. MacMurrough has been the only narrative and the patsy thus far. Fine Gael Coveney is the present Bilderberg Boy in Ireland along with Peter Sutherland. Coveney has had no problem throwing Ireland’s farmer’s green credentials down the toilet in favour of the chemical and bio-tech giants. The IFA president was not clever enough to hide his unexplained monies and a forced resignation ensued. The pillaging of this country to the last atom is still unabated. The forthcoming General Election 2016 will see tough battles in the transfer of votes and so the Social Allies must plan accordingly.
    I suspect Fine Gael let the entire term of Government run as the only sure thing was to keep it’s snout in the trough as long as possible. Yet a question I ask is just how far are this Fine Gael Government desperate to go? The “cry wolf” calls at the All Ireland Peace Process is a dangerous play. This shows that Fine Gael power could not care less for the people on this Island.
    I pray.
    I vote.

  2. Edward Brady says:

    Excellent blog and quiet accurate-But did Bertie not tell us all, it was Liebermans what done it. Remember vote Fianna Fail like your Dadi did and sure we are where we are and going forward we will surely turn a corner and realise that this was the cheapest bail out in history. Of course if you can get a dig out or a Top up or win a few bob on the horses, you’ll be grand.

  3. Edward Brady says:

    Without a doubt it’s Fianna Fail as a body of people, their gombeen politicians and slack jawed supporters who are the real traitors.It is the greatest tragedy that the civil war ended before the Freestate army got to finish the job.

    • Fools Crow says:

      I don’t believe Fianna Fail have the monopoly on traitors, Edward. You’ll find them anywhere there’s goodies to be plundered. What about Kenny, Gilmore, Noonan, Shatter, Hogan, et al?

  4. ste says:

    Truly a lovely piece…. The government really works now, and how about that “working class” Labour party? What a great bunch of people… Keep the Faith!!

  5. Rolland says:

    Hi there, after reading this awesome paragraph i am too glad to share my experience here with mates.

  6. Dave O Keeffe says:

    One of the most accurate articles I have read in a while, complements to the author !!

  7. Vera says:

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content daily along with a cup of coffee.

  8. Victoria says:

    ‘Tony’ and ‘Dan’ may be right to some degree because everything in life is a ‘co-creation’ but isn’t it interesting that the one area of life in which it is still acceptable to ‘blame the victim’ is in the world of finance – ‘It’s your own damned fault you have no money!’? How about focussing – as this article does – on those who are the perpetrators of this abomination. They, too, had a choice but theirs came first. Also, if the people of a country don’t learn about compound interest and banking from their parents or from state schools, about the only way to learn is from the harsh experience of becoming a ‘victim’ of the rapacious banksters.

  9. Rita Cahull says:

    We should all Leave The Eurozone and reclaim our Own Irish Currency as who needs the Burden and Fiscal Pain From Europeons Dirty Money Laundrette, not I, The Government our Robbing Bastards and all a waste of Space, the Bloody lot of them are greedy gansters and liars and robbing gits, they all should be put to shame for what they done to Ireland, including a Long Sentence to Jail and get a taste of their own medicine and EU/IMF/And Troika and all the USA mobsters and British, and French, and Germans, and Dutch, and any of other EU members and Three political Leaders, FF /FG /LB and any of the other that were not mentioned, who were involved in the Corruption and Mad Borrowings and on the takiings of back handers as well. Rita cahill

  10. Annie Ladysmith says:

    If any nation could have said NO, like Iceland, it was Ireland.
    There were no Black and Tans ready to fire on the mobs.
    The guardai are barely trained for the intercity nevermind G-20 tactics.
    Shame on all of you for not taking your freedom in your hands.
    Now, the ECB and the IMF own you, thry will certainly bring in the army to look after their property. It didn’t last long, Ireland, and again it was a traitor from home.

  11. Obiwan Kenobi says:

    This part really got my attention..
    “One great irony amid all this debt and despair is the great wealth recently discovered in the gas fields off the west coast of Ireland. The Corrib gas field alone is reckoned to be worth well over €420 billion, enough to pay off all of Ireland’s debts and make the country vastly rich. According to the Petroleum Affairs Division there is even more gas and oil off the west coast, perhaps as much as 13 trillion euro or beyond, enough to make millionaires of every man, woman, and child in Ireland.”

    Time to ask questions.

    Now, did the President of Ireland, as Head of State, give her approval to this Bailout deal? If so, then how can she live with her conscience?
    To be honest, this whole bailout is one of worst insults to the Irish Nation in history.
    A totally wicked act carried out by the International Cartel of Criminal Banksters.

  12. Patrick Farrell says:

    Finally I’ve found a group of people that are in touch with what’s going on, I’m back from 25 years in NY, most of it spend in lower Manhattan. I had been following the Bilderbergs for a number of years, Zeitgeist finally woke me up, the dots connected when I read the first page of Matt Coopers book and saw Gallagher’s name at that meeting…well the rest is history.
    People, we also have these people in the Trilateral Commission, and another name stands out, that of John Bruton…brother of Richard…need I say anymore?
    Thank you Jim Corr, you fought bravely last night, I wonder who paid that lacky in the audience, he had no clue of the CIA capability, these are the people we cannot get upset with, we are all Michael Collins again, don’t expect it to be easy.
    Can somebody give me the time and location of the Stillorgan venue next week….need to be there…Patrick.

  13. Heggs says:

    “What did the Irish Government do with this €420 billion windfall from the Corrib field? They gave it away to Royal Dutch Shell for nothing. Yes, nothing! In an incredible move, the government cut the State’s share from 50% to zero on all its offshore oil and gas and abolished all royalties.”

    Could you provide a link to backup this statement please.I have searched various news websites etc and I cannot verify if that statement is true.

    Well written article by the way, certainly got my blood boiling.

    • Fools Crow says:

      Great question, Heggs. Pity our so-called journalists in the mainstream media don’t share your considered scepticism and ask pertinent, probing questions. They seem happier peddling corporate propaganda.

      The fact that the Government reduced its share in all offshore oil and gas from 50% to 0% and abolished royalties is a matter of public record and goes back to legislation passed in the late 1980s, 1990s, right up to the present time. The current minister with the Energy portfolio, Eamon Ryan, of the disingenuous Green Party, has done nothing to reverse this outrageous state of affairs.

      Journalist and Economist, Colm Rapple, declared in 2007: “We gave the Corrib away and now Eamon Ryan is intent on giving away the remaining choice areas of our offshore acreage at less than bargain basement prices.”

      And a former director of Statoil E & P Ireland, Mike Cunningham, admitted, “No country in the world gives as favourable terms to the oil companies as Ireland.”

      Currently the oil companies:-

      – Own 100% of the oil and gas they find in Irish waters
      – Pay no royalties to the Irish State
      – Can write off 100% of their costs against tax
      – Only pay tax on profits at 25% (international average is 68%)
      – Can export oil and gas outside Ireland
      – Can sell gas back to Bord Gais at full market rates.

      The Shell To Sea group have issued an information booklet which incorporates the above data, and a lot more. You could start researching there. The link is:

      Toksa ake.

      Fools Crow

  14. mikael says:

    God articl, and a god description of your reality. You and I know that politics have allways been a system where some aspects of piliticy, by coruption or false claims on thret of wars and economical caos. And when the banks thretend to implod, the people on the top did what they where told to do, the people in Irland wher infact robbd.
    Thats where the system faild, and the damage done. Dragg them in to cort and prosecout them all. Take the monye back.
    Its going to be a tuff ride a while, til the monyesytem calms it selfs(kapitalism, you know). Look on your own history, times have been muth harder that this.
    And yet Irland suvived.
    And loming in the horison, the ultimate qouestion, do we go the full mounty.
    People forgetts that its their contry as well, not a kingdom and a playgound to a elit.

  15. bualabos says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    Loved your post, its nice to see that someone has the courage to say what needs to be said, its a rarity in todays society.
    I have been living abroad for a long period of time and find it so disheartening to see what a mess the whole country has become at the hands of this worlds “corpotocracy” – to plagiarise John Perkins. (Confessions of an Economic Hitman)
    As a new comer to this site and to your blogs I was pleased to see you mention the Bilderberg group and its insidiousness. I am also very pleased to find that you had considered Sutherland in your original draft, its just a shame he couldn’t get a mention! However, all is forgiven, you did mention Gleeson et al!
    I fear that even though you have covered, in great detail, the malfeasances perpetrated by the Ministers in Ireland, that there will be alot more to be revealed in the near future. I wonder what “other skeletons” are in the cupboard. Is it a stretch of the imagination to consider that those enlightened envoys of the Bilderberg group already know about or indeed sense the devaluation of the US currency and its probable fall from the World reserve currency. What effects will this have, or should I say further effects, on the Irish economy? I could continue in this vain all day but shant bore you with my idle musings.
    Suffice to say carry on the good work and I look forward to reading your past, present and future posts.


  16. Wallace Klinck says:

    A nation that accounts it increasing productive physical assets (or “real credit”) as a perpetual and exponentially growing financial liability surely has a predetermined dismal destiny. See “Social Credit” on Wikipedia.
    Also, visit:

  17. Ed Jucevic says:

    Mr Donohoe:
    An interesting article. I agree with some of your ideas but disagree with many more. Your initial major point is that the Irish government (thru Cowen and Lenihan) should NOT have sold out the Irish taxpayers to the world banks. I strongly agree with this.
    You also indicate that the proposed solution is “Short-term” which I agree with; it would not work (in my mind, any way) in the long-term and the short term could be very, very short.
    You suggest to “let the banks fail” which I agree with whole heartedly. The government should not be able to guarantee the losses of the gambling banks with the credit of the taxpayers.
    But then you proposes that a state bank be set up to create “all the credit the country needed”. This “state bank” would be controlled by the government and answerable to the government. In essence the government would be in control of the creation of money and could request as much credit (money) as they wanted from this bank they created. I suspect they would act like a teenager whose parents give them a credit card with the understanding that the parents will make the payments and of coarse, the teenager should only spend it on necessary and important things. I don’t see a sound banking system that allows the king, the emperor, the parliament or the government (in any form) to print as much fiat money as they want for their own use.
    Then you propose fractional reserve lending (banking) with a 12.5 : 1 lending to reserve ratio. This means that there is only one unit of asset (Irish Punt, pound of Irish shamrocks, US$, oz of Gold, sea shells or what-have-you) in the bank for each 12.5 units of credit. The fractional-reserve-system is, I believe, one of the most dangerous structural members of the current and traditional banking systems. If their arrises a loss of faith in the bank only the earliest withdrawers have any likelihood of getting their full deposits returned. All others will probably get nothing. I don’t see a sound banking system with fractional reserves. (I notice at the end of the article where you list the steps toward solution of the you want the elimination of fractional reserves. Make up your mind, Gabriel!)
    You then state that “The real cause of global financial chaos and prohibitive national debt is the permitting of private banking cartels to create a nation’s money…” Although I believe that permitting private banking cartels to print a nations money is an evil and exploits the citizens of the country, I think a government cartel (government is a cartel of power and legal violence) would be no less evil and no less able to cause chaos and prohibitive national debt.
    Your comments about Royal Dutch Shell and the off-shore gas and oil are also problematic for me but I don’t want to go into that now.
    Finally your list of solutions at the end has a lot of parts that smell of a the usual socialist dream.
    I believe there are a lot of people who have this type of idea for a centralized plan. My life experience indicates that planning works but centralized planning doesn’t. The only solution I can see is a free-market monetary system.

    • Fools Crow says:

      Ed, thank you for your post.

      The whole idea of this blog is to get out information that is unavailable to the general public. It is meant to provoke discussion and bring forth alternative ideas. We will only move forward into peace and prosperity when we can synthesize all the best ideas and embrace what we, the people, deem to be the most appropriate for the good of man.

      You mention that your solution is “a free-market monetary system”.

      Would you care to elaborate, in a few paragraphs?

      Fools Crow

  18. Ann McCoy says:

    Love your blog. This is a case for putting these ‘wankin’ bankers in the stocks in the middle of St. Stephens Green. The Brits sucked the country dry and these traitors have now helped the Bilderbergers do the same. UP THE REPUBLIC.

  19. Chris says:

    Cowen and Lenihan. Hmm much like Cameron and Clegg. People should should become more adapt at identifying and highlighting Jewish names.

  20. Paul Waldron says:

    A chap called Eamon Devalera implemented similar ideas some years ago. What followed was years of stagnation, emigration and poverty, and Ireland only achieved growth and wealth when we recognised that we are part of wider, world community. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  21. SICOFTHBS says:

    Top article , somebody has to pick up the gauntlett & stick it to these ratbags , down here in ozz our pollies are all bought & paid for , hillary just been down to tell us to embrace GMOs , not much in the news about that . GO IRELAND… support from Dave in OZZ

  22. MALD says:

    No mention of Peter Sutherland – l’eminence grise

    • Fools Crow says:

      Excellent comment, MALD. I did have him in the original draft but had to condense it for space. Sutherland, like Gleeson and Gallagher, was also Irish Attorney-General. And like the other two he is also a Bilderberger, not to mention Europe’s big wig on the Trilateral Commission.

      What is it with Irish Attorneys-General and the Bilderbergers? They must be more important to the B/Bs than Prime Ministers.

      Eminence grise is a great description. How about Bete Noire!

      Fools Crow

  23. Absolutely superb Gabriel !

  24. Dan quinn says:

    You’s Have no one but urselves to blame, greed is an awful thing and yous were good at that shame on you all, Dont blame goverment for all of ur sins you and you are to blame.

    • Tony O'Neill says:

      Well said Mr. Quinn, you are absolutely correct. People fell for the easy money ploy and got greedy. Signing on the dotted line for new cars and all of the other trinkets the banksters tempt the feeble-minded with. The politicians were put in power for the simple reason that they are corruptable. Blaming them for then being corrupt is like blaming a lion for being a lion. Poeple should realise that democracy only serves those at the top.

      Grow up people. Stop being the idiots of the banksters. Turn off your tv sets and your radios; it’s only propoganda and brainwashing anyway. Think out of the box. There is a better way and the list that the author of this blog presented above is exactly what needs to be done.

      So let’s go do!

      • Hi Tony, and Dan.
        Well said both of you. I think you are both very accurate in what you have said.
        Many of us are ‘to blame’ , yet many of us don’t realise it and as such are powerless to change ,unless we ‘wake up’. Many of us are asleep at the wheel.We are being led up the garden path by those in authority. We need to wake up and become aware of what is happening to our country and take action to stop it.

    • Tom Sullivan says:

      This notion being put about by the presstitutes in the media and echoed by you that “we all went a bit mad” and that somehow “it is all our fault” is nothing short of crazed gibberish and a form of government propaganda. Sure, there were the pretentious gobshites characterised by Ross O’Carroll Kelly, but even they, with all their avarice and keep up with the jones’ mentality, were not the cause of the current economic climate. Most people just went about a relatively normal life, where they attempted to put a roof over their family’s head and food on the table.

      The primary cause is the fact that we use a interest-bearing, debt-based currency. That, coupled with the fraudulent fractional reserve system operated by our banks, where they can lend many times what they actually have on reserve, and thus create money out of nothing, was the primary cause of our present malaise.

      Greedy property developers figured in there too, although I’m not convinced the amount of their debt-defaults can explain the extent of the collapse. I’m convinced that our banks had a high level of exposure to foreign-sourced toxic financial products, such as mortgage-backed securities and derivatives. They borrowed from German and French banks to finance their acquisition of these worthless bits of paper and ended up being burned.

      When you learn how absolutely fraudulent the monetary system is, from the central banks through to the bank around the corner, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll stop trotting out trite little pieces blaming everyone except those who are really to blame.

  25. Tony O'Neill says:

    Dear Mr. Donohoe,

    Whilst your summation as to the traitors selling out our country is quite good you solution to the problem is anything but good.

    Yes, I agree the banks should be allowed to fail.

    The manageable and sovereign debt you talk of is a fraud and always has been a fraud. This “money” was produced at the stroke of a pen by the international banksters in the EMF and World Bank and Federal Reserve. They had no money to loan anyone yet we must pay them the full sum plus interest.

    The only solution which has worked before is a system where a government produces money based on work done. In this situation, the money has real value as it represents a unit of work in terms of a product or a service. Any other form of value is worthless. Work is the only real value and gold or silver is simply an easy but fraudulent system of backing a paper currency.

    Your list of actions that should be taken are amazing because they are precisely the actions taken by one Adolf Hitler when he was elected as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and within four years had turned a wasted economy with 5.5million people unemployed around to become the most powerful and productive in Europe; all this before he had to resort to arms manufacture in the face of threats made by the banksters puppets Roosevelt and Churchill – FACT.

    So you are absolutely in agreement with Adolf Hitler – and me for that matter. Surprised?

    In Germany those evil Nazis ( National Socialists ) decided to throw out all of the international banksters and print their own money backed by work not speculation.
    And the very next day on 24th of March of 1933 they declared war on Germany – FACT. This is the reason every German city was turned to ashes and 20 million of her people murdered – FACT. It was to teach them that the banksters will stop at nothing to keep their power and Adolf Hitler is cast as the most evil man in history becuse he had the nerve to say who these banksters were. Something, I note, that you do not do, even though you mention their names but not their race.

    Interesting the way you mention the invasion of Norway by Germany, but you did not mention the invasion of that same country by Churchill the month before. Nor did you mention the invasion of Greenland and Iceland by Roosevelt without their consent. Nor the invason of Greece by Churchill again without their consent.

    Do the research and you will see that I tell the truth.

    Seems to me you want to see the problem but only up to a point. There is obviously a line you will not cross – in common with many pretend internet truth tellers.

    • Fools Crow says:

      I appreciate your comments, Tony, but you’ve got me scratching my head in puzzlement. Perhaps you read the article too quickly.

      Peace and prosperity to you.

      Fools Crow

      • Tony O'Neill says:

        I do beg your pardon for any confusion my comment on your article may have caused. My points were two: Firstly,
        that money to have any real value must be backed by units of work done. Anything else is worthless. Secondly, I
        wished to draw your attention to your need to compare an apparent “traitor” who allegedly let the evil Nazis into
        Norway and yet you never mentioned that this was in response to an earlier invasion by Churchill. Cause and effect.
        How can you mention something as a fact when you do not put it into proper context. Of course those evil Nazis
        were trying to fight against the very evil that we all face now – the international banksters. How evil were they
        really? The history books are always written by the victors.

        Best wishes

  26. delcroix says:

    great article man, irish people are starting to wake up
    to whats going on .
    the key to this is that we the people are sovereign
    and that the more discover this fact the quicker this evil
    and currupt system will crumble

  27. littlelostbird says:

    You are Brilliant Gabes !!!
    Really proud of you…Keep up the hard work !!
    Pilamayaye xXx

  28. Mihail says:

    Please read this book for free on internet to understand the whole truth and what is coming your way.The best book ever written.
    Who Is Esau-Edom.

  29. tony says:

    not a word about the rothschilds ? they have been in control of private central banks for centuries and no indication this is not still the case….
    bilderberger, council on foreign relations, etc…are definitely a part of the structure…but not the head….the steps are good, but the vampire bankers need to be identified to keep them from coming back with a new plan for enlsavement. ignorance of an enemy means you are doomed to lose over and over again…that is why here in the states, the solution from the traitors in congress has been to give the fed MORE power…
    Truth needed for true Liberty which can lead to a just and lasting Peace.

  30. Sweetpee says:

    You take my breath away. It is so good to read such vitality and heart in these monstrous times. With fraud and corruption causing such despair and hardship for people, it is truly a wonderful thing to read such honest opinions with clear and simple solutions for dealing the banking mafia.
    If Ireland follows the example of the Icelandic people, then perhaps the dominoes will start to tumble all across Europe, finally hitting that bastion of corruption and greed the City of London.
    Everywhere in Europe, I’m sure working people are supporting your people and your country. Your words carry enormous power and insight. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than a few great Irish writers and orators, looking down upon you with smiling eyes saying “that’s my boy!”

    P.S. I’d just like to say, Kevin has a wonderful lyrical turn of phrase that should make Ireland proud of him – I wish he was a Brit! With the pair of you on this side of the Irish Sea, I bet we’d be a half decent country inside 5 years.

  31. T. McKinney says:

    Gabriel Donohoe’s statements (see below) that would have helped the Irish people in the present “depression” is like trying to cleanse a wound with petrol.
    Ireland has it’s own natural resources, that could be sound principal/commodities to base their own currency on, void of “toxic fractional reserve lending”. The printing of money is sovereignty and has been done before with the “Tally Stick” and “American Colonial Script”. Anything can be (and is) used as barter for trade goods, sea shell, beads, Ithaca Dollars, ( for example.
    The Irish are an intellegent, loving, giving, moral people and can do the same as the Icelanders in rejecting these bailouts, retroactively, and return to their “Golden Rule” “To love God and love others as themselves”

    Gabriel Donohoe statement
    “Through fractional reserve lending, a bank can create some twelve and a half times the amount of credit that it holds in assets. For example, if a state bank is capitalised with €10 billion it can lend out €125 billion. With only €20 billion in capital a state bank could create and lend out €250 billion. This would have boosted Irish businesses and given the economy a huge injection and would have obviated the need to go back to the exploitative money markets.
    (It is important to point out that this would be a short-term solution only. The real cause of global financial chaos and prohibitive national debt is the permitting of private banking cartels to create a nation’s money, money that is based on debt and bears interest and which makes an immense fortune for the international banksters – to the impoverishment of the people.)”

  32. Jan says:

    Excellent article. I hope it is read widely to increase the understanding and knowledge of what is taking place in Ireland . I believe that Ireland (and Greece) are being used as testing grounds to see how the people react before the bankers and politicians do the same to other countries in Europe. Knowledge is the peoples greatest defence, and remember the forces of good are ultimately always stronger than evil.

    My heart goes out to the people of Ireland and I wish you well in your struggle.

  33. Kevin says:

    Ireland has a great naturual advantage: It is an island. All the I rish need do is summon up enough political courage to expel the Banksters, recommitt themselves to the proclamation of Independence of 1916 and declare a policy of reneging on public debt to Bondholders who hold more than 1 million of Irish Government debt. Small personal investors should not be hit by the corruption of the Bilderbergers. What will all the high and mighty Bankers do. Do honestly think they would be so bold as to try and send an army to try and seize Irelands assets. Whose side is Irelands army on. Stuff the Bankers and Bilderbergers and Gobshite politicans. Ireland certainly doesn’t need any more violence in its history but I am quite sure it can do without that bunch of Turds!!

    How dare any Irish politican argue against the 1916 proclammation. Renege on the deal with royal dutch shell concerning the rights to gas and Oil of the West Coast. These people need to know that sometimes business deals go sour. OK so it will then take ireland longer to exploit its resources. So what of it at least Ireland will eventually see a return.

  34. Hawk says:

    An excellently written article, it encapsulates with great clarity the crimes committed. It is wonderful to have such an articulate voice in the land. I hope we, as a nation, can take heed of the solutions and implement them. Thank you for writing, please continue.

  35. phil says:

    Brilliant article, you’ve put so much info into a condensed space. I very much agree with your ‘solutions’ as well. I’ll share it on my blog to help distribute it. The more people that realise what is going on the better.

  36. Hi Gabriel,
    Great post… I am 100% in agreement with your thoughts, ideas & suggestions. Delighted to read something that has been born of heart and love. It is surly a tough time for many but there is no doubt that the Spirit, the true Spirit of our Irish Brothers & Sisters is beginning to breathe at a different pace, there is little choice as we are begining to realise we must start taking ownership of our lives at a level that most people have never known even existed. It is a tough labour and I expect will be a tough birth. Thanks for being a part of an authentic approach to creating the future.

  37. Hi!
    Well said!
    You also made the point about monwy that is the whole issue here. Do not forget the IFSC! It will blow up to much worse debt than we have already voluntarily assumed. Fusion bomb compared to fission?! These fools have blundered onto a battlefield that the Romans and Anglo-Dutch have dominated for centuries. France was crippled for centuries by agents who sold them on the idea that money can be printed with impunity. Allowing banks to lend as much as they can and having the regulator advise Michael Somers to grow faster, like Anglo-Irish, at 30% pa! was lunacy. Or calculated treachery. The fact the Ireland appears to have already surrendered oil and gas to pirates makes me wonder what more they have to plunder, but getting billions from the taxpayer is amazing! They are so shrewd! Are they daring us to take them on? What has happened to Iceland since they told the bankers what to do?

    Excellent article!

  38. ted says:

    Exicute all know traitors to the Republic and weed out and purge the (elite/shite) who have secret affiliations with foreign powers seen or unseen and exicute them publicly on behalf of the owners of the Irish Republic the people of Ireland. Leave the Eurozone and decharter the central bank of Ireland and create a peoples bank of the people for the people to issue debt free currency.Exicute the top bankers of the crisis and send a clear message that The Rebublic of Ireland is not a commodity for sale in which to be sent into financial slavery.Teach the (elite/shite) that there is no place for them in a true Republic.Time to rise people wake up and reclaim your Soverign Destiny by whatever means you can.

  39. Jim Corr says:

    EXCELLENT Gabe, spreading far and wide…

  40. I like your excellent emergency program for Ireland.

    Once you get the word out about the present scam of the monetary system, one would expect the irish people to show their disgust by voting new people to the steering wheel.

    • Fools Crow says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lars. Had a look at your blogsite. Very impressive. A lot of great information there. Keep up the good work! Fools Crow.

  41. chris says:

    hi this link and ideas for policies may be of interest to you 🙂!/topic.php?uid=134603836594657&topic=89


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