Cops Charge Irish Government With Treason

by Gabriel Donohoe

When a national police association accuses its government of what amounts to treason it is time to sit up and pay attention.

Michael O’Boyce, President of the Garda Representative Association (GRA), said at its annual conference in Limerick, at the end of April, 2010, that the Irish Government had been ‘corrupted’ and had been ‘bought’ by developers and bankers. (A garda is an Irish policeman, gardaí in the plural.)

Mr. O’Boyce, speaking on behalf of the country’s 11,000 gardaí, charged government ministers with sacrificing the country to protect ‘wealthy cronies’ who had bankrolled the leading government party, Fianna Fáil. Such criticism of a serving government by its police force is unprecedented in Irish history and extremely rare in any western democracy.

Smarting from recent government disparagement of the gardaí a rankled Mr. O’Boyce pointed to an aggravating Fianna Fáil gaffe. While the government referred to the gardaí as ‘self-serving, overpaid, underworked and dishonest people’, it at the same time praised the ‘entrepreneurial skill’ and ‘business acumen’ of failed banksters like Sean Fitzpatrick (Anglo Irish Bank) and Michael Fingleton (Irish Nationwide Building Society), two people who played a huge part in bringing the Irish economy to its knees.

Clearly infuriated by collapsing living standards and the abject state of the economy, Mr. O’Boyce intended to deliver his speech directly to the Minister of Justice, Dermot Ahern, who was scheduled to attend the annual conference of the GRA. However, Mr. Ahern was sent a copy of the speech in advance and hastily declined to attend.

Mr. O’Boyce would have castigated the Justice Minister directly by saying, “The Government of which you are a long-serving member has mismanaged the wealth of this country for more than a decade by allowing our assets to be plundered and robbed by bankers and speculators, and you are making generations of Irish workers pay the price for this treachery…

“…You did this because bankers and speculators have bought your party, and in return you have sacrificed the greater good and prosperity of the Irish nation for the benefit of the few – the few who have now taken their ill-gotten gains and secured them in tax havens around the world. Truly, a government of national sabotage.”

Gardaí present at the meeting gave Mr. O’Boyce a standing ovation for the speech of which they were aware but which was never actually made. Nonetheless, the speech was angrily criticised by politicians and others who said that a police force should not intervene in politics. Justice Minister Ahern said that he utterly refuted the allegations made in the speech and that such remarks “besmirch the reputation of the force and have no place in a modern democracy.”

Government backbencher Niall Collins said, “…[F]or me to hear a member of An Garda Síochána accuse a sovereign Government of robbery, corruption and treason, and this coming from a member of An Garda Síochána who are the agents of the State to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes, it’s just clearly not sustainable.”

This is an amazing attack on a modern democratic government described by the country’s own police association as “a government of national sabotage.” What prompted such wrath and fury from the GRA and does the Association have any basis for charging the Irish Government with treachery or treason?

The underlying cause of garda frustration and anger is the state of the Irish economy. The gardaí, like most Irish citizens, blame government incompetence and collusion with banksters and speculators for economic collapse. The government itself points to global recession and international bank failures as the cause of Irish woes but the reality goes much deeper than that.

The economic depression in Ireland is much more severe than anywhere else in the world. The fallout from global recession was seriously exacerbated by shortcomings of Irish Government Ministers, i.e., flagrant failures of governance through incompetence, self-interest, and criminal recklessness. These failures were further amplified by the cronyism and cosy intimacy of Fianna Fáil politicians with bankers and developers, by the utter ineptitude of government regulators, and by the laissez-faire attitude of the then Finance Minister, Brian Cowen, towards an alarmingly inflating construction bubble. (Cowen is now the Irish Prime Minister or Taoiseach and is stubbornly clinging onto power even though his personal rating is a paltry 18% in opinion polls.)

What angers the GRA, apart from hair shirt budgets, welfare cuts, and cuts in public sector pay, are the huge amounts of money given to renegade banks. These astronomical sums, cavalierly tossed into the laps of fraudulent bankers, are underwritten by the ever-suffering Irish taxpayer. A massive 22 billion euro has gone into the corrupt Anglo Irish Bank which has the dubious distinction of being the worst bank in the world. It is the biggest loss-maker of any bank on the planet and the Irish bank bailout is the most expensive bailout anywhere on the globe.

The Irish people are now learning that they will never see a penny of their 22 billion euro again – it has disappeared into a black hole of bankster-generated debt. The new chief executive of Anglo has admitted that the money would never be seen again and Prime Minister Cowen grudgingly confirmed, only after four attempts by opposition leaders to get a straight answer, that the 22 billion euro is gone forever. This is a heartbreaking loss for a small country of less than 5 million people, many of whom are calling the bailing out of Anglo an act of criminal recklessness.

Responding to a recent government decision to extend the bank guarantee to Anglo Irish Bank, Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore said, “I believe that the decision was made to save the skins of a number of individuals, some of whom are connected to Fianna Fail. If my belief is correct, and I have not been convinced to the contrary, then that decision was an act of economic treason.”

Strong words indeed from Mr. Gilmore which echo the sentiments of Michael O’Boyce and the GRA.

Even worse than the Anglo Irish Bank fiasco is the government bank bailout programme called NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) which covers 5 Irish banks including Anglo Irish. The government says that NAMA will clean up the banking system by paying the banks 54 billion euro of taxpayer money to purchase toxic loans from their balance sheets. This is a huge risk which could blow up spectacularly and put several generations of Irish people into excessive debt.

Already we are seeing evidence that the banks lied about the quality of the loans on their books. At the time of agreeing values on their toxic property portfolios the banks assured the government that 40% of their loans were income producing. Now we find out that the real figure is only 25%. What the percentage will be in a year’s time is anyone’s guess.

Apart from NAMA and the Anglo Irish Bank bailout, the Irish Government has already recapitalized other Irish banks and financial institutions to the amount of some 13.5 billion euro. This was supposed to release funds and provide much needed credit to Small Business and to mortgage seekers. But the banks which were bailed out by the people of Ireland are not responding in kind to the people of Ireland. They are holding onto their funds while businesses are failing in unprecedented numbers for want of working capital. Much of the bailout money is being used by the banks to strengthen their balance sheets or to make safe investments elsewhere.

(In the United States, banks find it more profitable and free of risk to borrow from the Federal Reserve at .25% interest and buy 5-year Treasury bonds at 2.5% return rather than lend money to cash starved businesses. They can make enormous profits while thousands of businesses go to the wall.)

When one adds up the amount of money committed to recapitalization and bailout of Irish banks one arrives at a figure of some 90 billion euro.

If the Irish Government had invested this 90 billion in a state owned bank they could have implemented that sleight of hand practice so beloved of banksters called “Fractional Reserve Lending” whereby they could create and lend some 12 times the amount of capital invested. This would exceed 1,000 billion euro!

Ireland would be awash with cash and with prudent management the economy would have been turned around very quickly. Small businesses would have adequate working capital, home seekers could buy homes, public projects and infrastructure could be easily financed, and Ireland would return very swiftly to full employment.

But the government did not take that option. Instead, they pledged a colossal amount of money to private banksters to save them and their investors from losses incurred by their own criminal recklessness. In doing so, they have mortgaged the future of Ireland and the Irish people for generations to come and crippled the economy to levels often seen in the Third World.

By giving billions of public money to maintain the fortunes of its former cronies in banking and property development the Irish Government has created a living hell for its struggling citizens: almost 500,000 people out of work, 200,000 emigrating in search of jobs, tens of thousands of mortgages falling into arrears, hundreds of small businesses going to the wall, and suicides alarmingly on the rise. The land is filled with misery and despair when it could so easily have been triumph and prosperity.

Is Michael O’Boyce and the GRA correct when they charge the Irish Government with treason?

You decide.

This article first appeared on on July 21, 2010.


About Fools Crow

Gabriel Donohoe is a Writer and Natural Health Therapist who lives in Co. Louth, Ireland. He sometimes uses the name “Fools Crow”, in honour of a Lakota holy man and healer who dedicated his life to his people and to all of humankind. Website: Wakan tanka nici un mitakola (Walk in Peace, My Friends).
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21 Responses to Cops Charge Irish Government With Treason

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  3. Pat says:

    Most downturns are not done on a dime as in the case of the 2008 global meltdown; financial media analysts typically warn about market indicators long in advance of such meltdown when it isn’t kept secret. To experience positive financials and an abrupt downturn that no one knew was coming is pretty much evidence of collusion and a collapse that is self evident in its disposition. The stronger the downturn the stronger the likelihood of manipulation. Unorganized markets without rules expect this, not organized markets with rules.

  4. Gerry says:

    I am so glad I triped over your article. Millions of jobs have been lost over here in Canada and the USA. I have been writing to Prime Ministers, Presidents, newspapers, TV, Lou Dobbs, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore and friends trying to get action. My job was outsourced offshore like millions around the world. We are systematically being dismantled by our own Corportations and no one at any level of Government has raised a finger to stop it. I am so glad I found this article….I’m not going nuts after all. Please send our best regards to the Irish Cops….we love you!!

    gerry in Brampton Ontario Canada

    • Fools Crow says:

      Welcome to the blog Gerry, and thank you for your comments. I have a special place in my heart for Canada – my oldest son was born in Alberta and I have very happy memories of places like Edmonton and Calgary and Banff and Vermilion.

      Also had the odd excursion to Toronto (Tronta!) and Niagara Falls. What I miss most about Canada is the snow and the ice hockey. Are there any up and coming “Great Ones” like Wayne Gretzky? The Oilers hadn’t been set up when I lived there but my team was the Montreal Canadiens. Remember the famous ‘Rocket’ Richard? Guy Lapointe? Guy Lafleur? Serge Savard? (You’re probably a Maple Leafs man.) Ah, those were the days.

      Anyway, keep agitating Gerry and fight the good fight. When all our friends and neighbours across the world become fully aware of how we have all been cheated by banksters, corporate mobsters, and corrupt politicians we will finally overthrow these criminals and achieve a beautiful world to be enjoyed to the full by our children and grandchildren.


  5. Amella says:

    good article! bravo!

  6. Jack says:

    Great article.

  7. taffymedic says:

    A very interesting aritcle Gabriel, thanks.

    I have to admit to being rather ignorant of the plight Ireland is suffering as a result of this financial crisis. Thanks for enlightening me.


  8. R. MARTIN says:

    Bravo….Bravo. Interesting how smaller countries like Iceland & now Ireland are taking the lead in standing up to the “elites”.

    Keep you the “Great Work of Freedom for the people”

  9. Ex-Copper says:

    Brave man to stand and accuse the Government of treason. Just wish we Police in Britain could do the same. Laws prevent us from doing the RIGHT thing here though.

  10. Philip Strack says:

    What’s the difference between stealing a $1000 car and stealing $22 Billion dollars?

  11. Lyn says:

    Wow, how long before this blog gets closed down as terr’iszm ?

    This is pretty damned awesome.

    Please keep this updated any way you can.

  12. Excellent article. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

  13. Thank you for this great article.

    This goes to the heart of my personal campaign and it is the reason I entered Lawful Rebellion just over a year ago.

    Now, if only we could do the same in the UK.


  14. wearechangeireland says:

    Fair play mate. Dermot Ahern is a Sleeveen anyway!
    This might interest you..

    alan k

  15. Michael Bodger says:

    The police in southern Ireland proving how very brave they are standing up to a clearly corrupt government and banking system. Perhaps other will now take your brave example and start similiar movements towards ending corruption in self sustaining high places. Well done the GRA.

  16. Sherri B says:

    Absolutely great article,what a guy to have stood up and said this,it’s about time more did!!! It is happening globally,no more time for silence we all have to be heard.

  17. Kevin Stevenson says:

    I like it, lind of proof that what we think is going on, actually is.
    And also that somebody with authority has the balls to say no.

  18. Sylvia Mason says:

    Google Birgitta Jonsdottir, she is an Icelandic lady, the Icelanders have already started to overthrow the government, prosecute bankers and politicians, and teamed up with WikiLeaks in an attempt to keep free speech and rule themselves, they are also setting up their own banking system based on North Dakota system(google that too)

    ICELAND leading by example!!!!!!!

  19. cas180 says:

    well said

  20. Jim Corr says:

    Excellent article Gabriel, keep ’em comin 😉


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