Phil Hogan & Irish Water, As Clear As A Septic Tank

This is a comment by Thomas Kiely that appeared recently on the FaceBook Page of “Awaken Ireland: A People’s Forum For Ireland’s Future”.

I thought it was well written, well researched, and extremely thought provoking and that it should have a wider audience and be re-posted in news groups, forums, etc. all across Ireland.

(Fools Crow)


By Thomas Kiely

Minister Phil Hogan said on The Evening Echo, 10/06/’14, that “there is now clarity on water charges and that it’s now time to remember the benefits of reform for Cork.” The cambridge dictionary defines clarity as “the quality of being clear and easy to understand” and the word reform as “to make an improvement”.

The minister says there is likely to be a charge of €240 per household. In the interest of clarity I thought we should look at that figure. Annually, €1 billion comes out of the pockets of every man, woman and child in this state to provide for domestic water and waste water treatment. You have paid already . It’s not free. The government, through your taxes, has been managing the collection, treatment, storage and delivery of water services up until now. The responsibility for providing these services has been handed over to a new commercial state company, “Irish Water”. The government has made a commitment to the Troika to recover the cost of supplying this most fundamental human right, initially through collecting €500 million (half the cost) and going forward to full cost recovery of €1 billion.

In 2nd class we learned about division, 500 million divided by 1.35 million (number of homes in Ireland) = an average charge of €370 per annum, per household. And to be very, very clear, full cost recovery is double that, €740 per annum. Clearly, a company such as “Irish Water” will have expenses, advertising, installing radio frequency meters, hiring of consultants, exorbitant salaries, laughing yoga courses etc. These costs will need to be to be passed on to the water user also. The minister is keen to talk of clarity but not transparency. The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to “Irish Water”. You do not have a right to question any activities of that company. Commercial sensitivity is the excuse but “Irish Water” does not have any competitors. Who then are they sensitive to, perhaps you?

On top of the billion YOU have already paid through your taxes, “Irish Water” has been gifted approximately €11 billion euro in infrastructure, given €500 million from the property tax receipts, €250 million from the pension reserve fund, €42 million from the Dept. of Social Protection plus the original start up cost of €80 million. You are also expected to pay again through metered water charges. Clearly a lot of money. Not one penny is to be spent to fix the leaks. Around 40% of water is lost through leakage. We see it every day, flowing down our hills and dells. Generally, the leaks are not on private property but out on the street. Are we to believe that this first-fix-free will do anything to stop the waste, clearly not. “Irish Water” intends, after 2016, to go to the markets for the money to fix the leaks. So, after we plough all that money into this insane company and collect a back-breaking charge from the families of this state, then we borrow and pay back capital plus interest to fix the leaks.

Is this the reform he spoke about???

Minister Hogan says he wants to protect those facing affordability issues. When we consider that there are 277,000 people living in consistent poverty in Ireland today. Over 1,000,000 people are now suffering deprivation and 32% of the population are at-risk-of-poverty . Clearly, there are affordability issues, over a million of them. Those in receipt of the households benefits package can get €100 euro off their yearly bill and it will be possible to apply for an “exceptional needs payment” from a welfare officer. Just as the minister likes clarity, i’m sure welfare officers do too, and details. The choice for people vulnerable people with issues like bowel/bladder problems and poorer menstruating women will be to go and clearly give a detailed explanation as to why they needed those extra flushes and unsanctioned showers and hope they get a favorable response. For the 400,000 people are on the live register, there will be absolutely no help whatsoever for these people as the government feels this would be a disincentive to work. Is this reform?

Speaking of work, in his article Minister Hogan clearly wants us to know about all the temporary call-center jobs being created. He neglected to mention that “Irish Water” intends to lay off 1200 permanent workers. When the people of Ireland are forced to pay charges for water and sanitation we will see another €1 billion diverted out of our pockets. The knock-on effect of this will be job losses, the barman/woman, the local shopkeeper, the butcher and baker and candlestick maker will pay, they will pay with their jobs. Thousands of jobs will be lost in the creation of this monstrous cash-guzzling quango. Presumably, the billion already paid through taxes will be diverted to pay the gambling debts of bankers and developers.

The Water Services Act establishes “Irish Water” as a commercial, state, revenue producing company. A company without competition, a monopoly. Under European Law, it is illegal for a country to operate a commercial state monopoly. The market must be liberalised. We will be forced to privatise our water services. Where water has been privatised, prices has risen, investment has not taken place, water quality has diminished and vast sums of money have flowed into the pockets of private operators and their shareholders. The privatisation of water always fails the people. The government is quick to assure us that they have no intention of privatising water. But but but, the Dept. Of the Environment is telling us we must get a new water treatment plant in Cork and it must be built, owned and operated by a private company. If it walks like a duck… All across Europe, governments have been forced to remunicipalise water because the privatisation agenda clearly does not work. Is this the reform the minister talks about, to take a proven failed system and implement it in ireland.

Poverty should never be seen as a conservation measure. Poverty is when we are deprived, deprived of food, deprived of shelter, deprived of heat, deprived of participation in society. Poverty is not a choice. Are we now to suffer water poverty???? Or should we be considered conservationist? The most vulnerable in society are to be rationed, rationed flushes, rationed hygiene, rationed in how we prepare our food and rationed in how we bathe our babies. It’s not all doom and gloom, the government has committed to tax cuts for higher earners, this will nullify any burden from water charges so it won’t affect them. You are to carry the burden for them!

In July 2010, the United Nations declared water and sanitation a Human Right. Water charges will disproportionately affect women, the sick, the elderly, the poor and the working poor. Does the Irish government think that only the rich have rights? Do you??

The ministers idea of clarity and reform appears to erroneous. We have paid, every child in a sweetshop is paying for public services, every citizen who collects a pay-slip is paying, every pensioner who pays their ESB bill and everyone who uses luxuries like loo paper pays VAT, we have paid. We will clearly not be paying again.

Water is a human right, water is a common good. It is the source of all life, nothing exists without it. It is too important to ever be handed over to a company where money is the bottom line.

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The difference between participating in the Global March against Monsanto and voting in the European and Local Elections

(An interesting article from R. Teichmann at News-Beacon-Ireland)

by R. Teichmann


On Saturday millions will take to the streets everywhere on this planet to voice their opposition to the blatant attempt by chemical conglomerates to take over the world’s food supply. To control what we eat, how much of it is available, who can afford it and who is to die of hunger.  Monsanto stands for these monsters who, on purpose, poison our food, our environment, who buy governments to pass laws protecting them, who buy science to turn out favourable studies. They are also trying to patent life. In short, they want to privatise what is given to humanity freely by nature for profit and control.

The people who will hit the streets in protest have a conscience and they follow it. They come together in defence of life. They do not care whether the person next to them is a communist, a green, a republican, a jew, an atheist, an African immigrant, whether they think there is manmade global warming or not. Because it does not matter when you have a common goal – standing up for life. By doing so they create a bond between them and with the earth. Though it may not change anything immediately it is nevertheless a step to create unity. It sends out a message to those who are participating that they are not alone. It sends out a message that there are limits of what they are prepared to tolerate. In the long run it may change history as we realise that we need to find answers to pressing questions of survival. What do we really need to live a fulfilled life? How can we overcome the artificial barriers between us? How can we devise a way forward together?  They march on the streets as individuals standing in their power not relying on anyone else but themselves and those beside them.  They know that it is up to them what the future holds and not to politicians or bureaucrats in some distant city. They know that it is up to them and it may be the first step to change their own lives, to take responsibility for themselves and to seek a way out of the status quo together with other like-minded folks.

Those who will go to the voting booths think others will do the job for them and they think they just have to elect the right ‘representative’ and things might change the way they want them to change. They live in the illusion that this so called democracy is the best system; that it cannot be changed and voting for the right person or party is the only thing they can do. By the act of voting they are giving the power they hold to someone else. Someone they do not know, who is bound by the party policy, who is lobbied by corporations like Monsanto. And even if that person they vote for is genuine he or she is up against an entrenched system that will try to co-opt, bribe, pressure them to be compliant. It will frustrate that person or break his/her spirit and what he/she originally stood for will be watered down to a point where it is no longer recognisable.

They are still thinking that governments have their interest at heart. And this while these governments bail out bankrupt banks with billions of their money. While these governments support wars and violence around the globe. While these governments allow their own population to be sprayed day in day out with aluminium and barium. While these governments poison their own people with fluoride in the drinking water.  While these governments tax their homes and make laws that allow banks to evict families more easily.

When they go to the voting booths what they do is to give justification to these actions. They perpetuate what they want to change. Some clever guy once said: “If elections would really change something, they would not be allowed.”

Would you rather join the March against Monsanto and stand up for life or would you cast your vote and hope that this time your trust will not be betrayed?

I feel for those who go to the voting booths. They do not see other options. It is for us who stand up for life to talk to them and give examples of how we can stand in our own power. Just recently in Australia people stopped the destruction of their water supply through fracking by coming together. They blocked a company from drilling for shale gas. The government was about to bring in hundreds of  riot police. But the story took a turn not anticipated. You can read about it here (AUSTRALIA: Bentley Blockade Wins – United Community Action Halts Drilling). This is how things can get done and things can change. We can take heart from that.

Join us peacefully on the 24th in the Global March against Monsanto and stand up for life. And for those who still want to vote, remember who betrayed you time and again. Do not vote for any of those ever again but for those who did not yet betray you.


About the author:
R. Teichmann is an activist living in West Cork / Ireland and an editor with
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Freedom And Prosperity Through Abolishing Taxes (Video)

by Gabriel Donohoe

See the video below for some very revolutionary proposals for abolishing most taxes in the USA. These proposals would go a long way to fixing bank/tax/government gangsterism here in Ireland and would break the grip of the banksters around our throats.

The proposals come from former Congressman James Traficant, a flamboyant individual who has long been a thorn in the side of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the international banksters.

Traficant for President Button

Traficant spent seven years in jail on trumped up charges from 2002 to 2009. The Powers That Be were annoyed at his assault on the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Some readers will remember Traficant as the man who exposed the secret bankrupty of the United States in 1933 and had the details read into the Congressional Record on March 17th, 1993. (Vol. 33, page H-1303)   Link here

Traficant - framed by FBI

Traficant has launched a new initiative called Project Freedom. Part of that initiative is that income tax should be abolished and replaced with a national retail sales tax. Also, no more corporation tax, capital gains, inheritance, etc. Debt free money to be printed by the Government and debt to the international banksters to be repudiated.  Link here


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Sinking The Lusitania: An Act Of Mass Murder By The Banksters

by Gabriel Donohoe

 lusitania on fire

On this day 99 years ago, a German U-boat sunk the RMS Lusitania off the southern Irish coast with the loss of 1,195 lives, including 128 Americans. 94 children perished, 31 of them mere babies. This incident became the major catalyst for drawing a reluctant America into the European slaughter pens of World War 1.

But was the sinking of the Lusitania one of those unfortunate acts that occur randomly during war or was there a more sinister and deliberate hand at work?

In a disputed incident like this, one often gets to the truth of the matter by asking the question, “Cui bono?” “Who benefits?” After a detailed examination of the facts, one can only come to the conclusion that it was the banksters who benefitted, and grossly at that.

The RMS Lusitania was one of the world’s biggest ships and the pride of the Cunard Line at the time of her demise. “RMS” stands for “Royal Mail Steamer” which meant that the Lusitania was certified to carry the mail, earning her owners an annual fee of some £68,000.

At the time of her final voyage, leaving New York for Liverpool on May 1st, 1915, Europe was embroiled in war. Germany had declared the seas around the United Kingdom to be a war-zone and German U-boats were wreaking havoc on enemy shipping.  300,000 tons of Allied shipping were sunk every week and one out of every four steamers leaving Britain never returned. Britain was virtually cut off from her allies and her waters were fraught with danger.

lusitania - U-boatU-boat

In contravention of the rules of war at the time (the Hague Conventions and the Cruiser Rules) the RMS Lusitania was carrying a considerable amount of ammunition, explosives, and other war matériel for the armies of England and France. As G. Edward Griffin wrote in The Creature From Jekyll Island, “…she [The Lusitania] was virtually a floating ammunition depot.” This meant that she wouldn’t have the status of a non-military ship and could be fired upon without warning. It was widely known that the Lusitania was entered into the Admiralty fleet register as an armed auxiliary cruiser and was so listed in Jane’s Fighting Ships and in The Navy Annual.

They Germans knew that The Lusitania was carrying military supplies bound for Germany’s enemies on the Western Front. The German embassy in Washington even took the precaution of placing an advertisement in 50 U.S. newspapers warning civilians not to sail on the Lusitania. Due to the intervention of the State Department most of the notices were not published. However, the Des Moines Register carried the following advert which was placed beside an ad for the Lusitania…

lusitania notice


“TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.


“Washington, D.C., April 22, 1915.”

lusitania - jp morganJ. P. Morgan

In the early stages of the War, England and France had borrowed heavily from American investors and had selected J P Morgan, partner and front man for the Rothschilds, to act as sales agent for their bonds. Morgan was also selected as a purchase agent to buy war materials when the bond money was returned to the States. Morgan was in the happy position of receiving lucrative commissions in both directions, which, in the case of England and France amounted to some $30 million. That’s not counting commissions on hundreds of millions of dollars of business done with Russia, Italy, and Canada.

Furthermore, through holding companies, the House of Morgan directly owned many of the manufacturing firms receiving production contracts for military goods from England and France. (Undoubtedly these firms were the foundation of the ‘military-industrial complex’ later referred to by President Eisenhower.) Soon, J P Morgan became the largest consumer on earth, spending up to $10 million per day. Morgan was in the privileged position of being buyer, seller, and producer and amassing profits from all sides.

However, when the War began to go badly for England and France, Morgan found it impossible to get new buyers for the Allied war bonds. There was a real fear in Whitehall at the time that England was about to lose the war. If the Allies were to default, Morgan’s large commissions would come to an end and his investors would suffer gigantic losses (some $1.5 billion). On top of that, Morgan’s war production companies would go out of business. Something needed to be done urgently.

As the RMS Lusitania departed Pier 54 in New York on May 1st, 1915, Morgan surmised that if the cruiser were to be sunk by a German submarine, the resulting furore would certainly bring America into the War on the side of the Allies. Not only would Allied bonds be in great demand but Morgan’s war production companies would have to go into overdrive to outfit over four million American soldiers who would be mobilized for the European War.

lusitania map

Six days later, on the afternoon of Friday, May 7th, 1915, the Lusitania approached within 12 miles of the southern Irish coast. Winston Churchill, the Lord of the Admiralty, knew that German U-boats were operating in the area after three ships had been sunk in the previous 2 days. Not only did Churchill not come to the assistance of the Lusitania but he ordered her planned escort, the destroyer Juno, to return to Queenstown harbour. Earlier, the Lusitania had been ordered to reduce speed by shutting down one of her four boilers (ostensibly to save coal). She was a sitting duck and the entire Admiralty knew it.

 Lusitania -Winston_Churchill

Winston Churchill

At least one of Churchill’s officers, Commander Joseph Kenworthy, was disgusted at the cynicism of his superior. In his 1927 book, The Freedom of the Seas, he would write: “The Lusitania was sent at considerably reduced speed into an area where a U-boat was known to be waiting and with her escorts withdrawn.”

At 2.10 in the afternoon of that fateful Friday, Kapitänleutnant Walther Schwieger of U-boat U-20 spotted the Lusitania and gave the order to fire one torpedo. The torpedo struck the Lusitania on the starboard bow, just beneath the wheelhouse. A few moments later, much to everyone’s surprise including the watching Germans, a second huge explosion took place within the hull and the ship began to founder rapidly. 18 minutes later, the Lusitania disappeared beneath the waves.

Irish rescuers sailed out from Cork, over 11 miles away, and plucked some 764 survivors from the cold waters.

Many researchers today believe that the second explosion was caused by some of the 600 tons of pyroxyline explosive, 6 million rounds of .303 bullets, 1248 cases on shrapnel shells, plus an unknown quantity of munitions that filled the holds on the lower deck.

Ever since, the British Government have endeavoured to keep the Lusitania’s cargo a secret. As late as the 1950s the Royal Navy used the wreck of the Lusitania for target practice by dropping depth charges in order to destroy any evidence that the ship breached Cruiser Rules of war or the Hague Conventions.


After the sinking, the British ordered an official enquiry under the direction of Lord Mersey. The Admiralty manipulated Lord Mersey to find the master of the Lusitania, Captain Turner, at fault for the disaster. Lord Mersey complied with the Admiralty’s wishes but, in a crisis of conscience, refused payment for his services and requested that henceforth he be “excused from administering His Majesty’s Justice.” Mersey’s only comment in later years was: “The Lusitania case was a damn dirty business.”

The sinking of the Lusitania was a major catalyst for America’s later entry into the World War. Total deaths from the War are estimated between 9 and 15 million souls; American casualties of dead and wounded were in excess of 300,000.

But the House of Morgan, House of Rothschild, and other banksters were thoroughly pleased at America’s entry into the War. It meant that they continued to benefit hugely from the wholesale slaughter and misery of millions of programmed human beings.

When one thinks of Pearl Harbour, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, and other false flags it seems that some things never change. The lessons of history are quickly forgotten. The public has always been so utterly gullible and predictable.

But thanks to the Internet and social media, that is all now beginning to change…


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Enda Kenny, The Joey Essex Of Politics

by Gabriel Donohoe

Enda Kenny - Taoiseach for Dummies

People are doubting whether Joey Essex could indeed be the complete and utter moron he appears to be on TV. But with Enda Kenny, people seem to accept his asininity without question.

This writer heard a discussion in a pub recently about intellectually-challenged characters who would make a better taoiseach than Enda Kenny. Beating Enda hands down were such luminaries as: Dumb & Dumber, Manuel (Fawlty Towers), Fr. Dougal or Fr. Jack (Father Ted), Trigger (Fools & Horses), Adolf Hitler, and others…

But the winner by 10 lengths was Joey Essex. Apparently he has many more leadership qualities than the clown prince of politics, Enda Kenny.

Below are some of Joey Essex’s brainless nuggets (JE) followed alternately by responses Enda Kenny might utter (EK).

Q:   Joey, Who is the Prime Minister of Essex?

JE:   (Stunned silence as the brain whirls into action, but no answer.)

Q: Enda, Who is the worst Taoiseach Ireland ever had… you, Ahern, or Cowen?

EK: (Stunned silence as the brain whirls into action, but no answer.)


Q: Joey, How many sides has a square?

JE: Six.

Q: Enda, How many balls do your ministers have in total?

EK: Just two, and they belong to Joan Burton.


Q: Joey, Who would you eat to stay alive?

JE: Probably Jesus.

Q: Enda, apart from debt-related suicides, how many others would you kill to stay in power?

EK: Anyone and everyone, including Jesus.


Q: Joey, What do you think of Australia?

JE: It’s the biggest country in the world, inn’it?

Q: Enda, What do you think of the Labour Party?

EK: It has the biggest cuntry in Ireland, hassen’it?


Q: Joey, Who created the world?

JE: Richard and Judy.

Q: Enda, Who created the Fine Gael Party?

EK: Beavis and Butt-head.


Q: Joey, Do you like asparagus?

JE: Asparagus…Is that broccoli?

Q: Enda, Do you like Rabbitte?

EK: Rabbitte…? Is that something full of lard and hops?


Q: Joey, What country is Danish Bacon from?

JE: Germany?

Q: Enda, What country do you and your Cabinet work hardest to please?

EK: Germany?


Q: Joey, What does ostrich willie taste like?

JE: It tastes like school rubber with wee, tomato sauce, and vinegar on it.

Q: Enda, What does Angela Merkel’s ass taste like?

EK: It tastes like bratwurst, pretzels, and David Cameron’s aftershave.


Q: Joey, What country is Wales next to?

JE: London… No, no… Russia.

Q: Enda, What country runs Ireland?

EK: City of London… No, no… The Vatican…


Q: Who was Romeo’s girlfriend in “Romeo and Juliet”?

JE: Romeo.

Q: Enda, What did Emmet Stagg say to his boyfriend in “The Phoenix Park?”

EK: Jaysus, that’s a hard one!


Q: Joey, Are you looking forward to glamping in the outback?

JE: Do you think we’ll see any kangaroos?

Q: Enda, Are you looking forward to the Dail after your recess?

EK: Do you think we’ll see any intelligent life?


Q: Joey, Will you get on with the other celebs in the jungle?

JE: I hope so. I’m not very good confrontating people.

Q: Enda, Will you be able to get on with all individuals in the Coalition?

EK: I hope so. I love confrontating people and boring the shite out of them.


Q: Joey, Your nose is running.

JE: I never learned how to blow my nose, not the professional way.

Q: Enda, Your nose is running.

EK: Of course it is. I always get things the wrong way round – my nose runs and my feet smell.


Q: Joey, I see you can tie your own shoe laces.

JE: I learnt to do my laces because obviously I needed to tie my laces for the rest of my life.

Q: Enda, They say you’re not very good at multi-tasking.

EK: True. I can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.


Q: Joey, Why do you wear a watch on your ankle?

JE: Fashion, inn’it?

Q: Enda, Why do you wear a watch on your ankle?

EK: For practice – After the next election it’ll be a criminal tag.


Q: Joey, Why are you so poor at general knowledge?

JE: It’s just that things that you don’t really need to know, I don’t really know.

Q: Enda, Why are you so poor at running the country?

EK: It’s just that things that you do really need to know, I don’t really know.


Q: Joey, Why do you come across as very stupid?

JE: I’m not academically clever. I don’t know about geography, politics or anything. I wouldn’t class myself as really stupid – I’m just not clever.

Q: Enda, Why do you come across as very incompetent?

EK: Actually, I am academically clever. Sure amn’t I a teacher? But I know feck all about geography, politics and stuff. I wouldn’t class myself as really incompetent – I’m just an asshole.

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Quinn Group — Ex-Management Buy-Out Is The Only Option (QBRC)

Quinn Group HQby Padraig Donohoe

I have been involved in businesses in the Cavan / Fermanagh border area for the last forty years, as was my father and grandfather before me. I managed my father’s pub in Ballyconnell in 1974 and after spending 20 years in business in Killesher Co.Fermanagh I now own businesses in Ballyconnell, Belturbet, and Ballinamore.

In the early days I can remember a lot of hard times – no jobs, no money, no housing, emigration, coupled with the bitterness and despair brought upon us by the troubles – bombings, border security, carnage and deaths in our local area.

It was also during this time Sean Quinn started to build his empire and the hard times and despair blossomed into jobs, money, housing and a fair share of peace. Because of this my business along with all other businesses in the area grew and we all helped to provide peace and prosperity.

Quinn always said, and I fully agree, the prosperity was brought about not just through his expertise but the sweat and blood and labours of his workers and the local community. We all created the environment and prosperity and over the period of time jobs were handed from parents to children. These jobs became the birthright of our children and were to be handed on for generations to come. Our community never asked for any help and we didn’t receive any help. In the early days the only thing that made the headlines were the paratroopers and the potholes. But this was our country and we were proud of it.

We were all devastated when Quinn was dethroned in 2011. He had transferred this potholed ridden countryside into a beautiful industrial oasis. What was once one of the poorest parts of Ireland had become one of the wealthiest. And like a great fallen animal we saw the vultures flying overhead, the liquidators, the regulators, the financiers, the accountants, the lawmen, the bond holders and the bankers. All ready to tear off the flesh of this very tasty carcass.

We all followed the news reports with interest and we knew all the main players by heart, Quinn, Lenihan, Noonan, Neary, Dukes, Fitzpatrick, Elderfield, Aynsley and the rest. Quinn Insurance was eventually sold for a single euro to Liberty and hundreds of jobs were lost. Quinn Group was divided between Anglo Irish Bank and the bond holders and Paul O’ Brien was made CEO.

We all held our breath and hoped this would work. We were promised no job losses and no asset stripping. However when Quinn’s entire senior management were sacked and the company was systematically de-Quinned, by paying off any manager or charge hand who was “close” to Quinn, a few of us felt this was a step too far. These were the very people who built this company. Without them what hope was there of survival. Then restlessness and sabotage crept in. Something had to be done within our community.

The Cavan / Fermanagh / Leitrim Community Group was formed and we were and still are the only group to meet all the parties in the Quinn saga, Alan Dukes (chairman of Anglo), Paul O’ Brien (CEO Quinn Group, now Aventas), politicians, various directors and management of Quinn Group, representatives of Quinn Group staff, numerous interested people inside and outside the area and even An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.

We were a community based group made up of community leaders with the best interest of our community at heart. After months of negotiations with the various parties we met Alan Dukes for a second time with our proposal, which was to place David Mackey (ex CEO Quinn Group and ex County Manager), or some one local of similar standing, to jointly run the group, for a time at least, with Paul O’ Brien and promote some local middle management to senior posts. We felt this would be acceptable to Quinn staff, customers and the local community and also give stability and continuity back to the Quinn Group. We presented our proposal and Dukes’s reply at a public meeting in Ballyconnell Parochial Hall and a very large crowd attended.

Needless to say our proposal wasn’t taken up by the powers that be and as I drive down the Derrylin road today I wonder to myself, what if? Memories of the troubles and the British Army checkpoint came flooding back – bollards, boulders, security men and smoke damaged buildings. Where have all the lorries gone. I could never drive down this road at speed. And all our worst fears have come to pass, hundreds of jobs have since been lost, plant and assets been sold off, no local management, bad atmosphere amongst staff to the point that unions have been called in, property sabotaged nearly on a weekly basis and all the property is now up for sale to the highest bidder. What has happened to our beautiful oasis? Have the vultures now picked the carcass clean? Are they flying back to their nests with their bellies full of the meat that was suppose to feed our children and our children’s children? And as I am deep in thought, low and behold, I hit a pothole.

We cannot let this happen. Some of our group met again recently, excited by the entrance of Quinn Business Retention Company into the bidding for the entire Aventas Group. The QBRC consists of ex Quinn Group senior management who were responsible for the creation of over 6,000 jobs of which 2,500 were in the local border area. During their tenure, which saw several recessions, not one person was ever made redundant. We have no doubt this company will have the support of all local communities, staff and customers and have the ability and expertise to restore peace and jobs back in the border region.

We need a fresh approach. An opportunity doesn’t often present itself twice. All our businesses are crying out for peace and stability. Do more jobs have to be lost, will all the factories be burnt to the ground or worse will someone get killed before common sense prevails? It doesn’t matter who started the war, whether it was the military style ousting of Quinn or the vandals intent on destroying all. Like all wars innocent civilians are getting caught on the crossfire and this has to stop.

We came out in our thousands to support the Quinn Family and maybe its time to come out again. All of the main players have left the stage – Quinn, Dukes, Elderfield, Aynsley and others. We must put the company back into the hands of those who can run it and into the hands of the local community. Every local politician and business should get behind this bid. Surely the vultures have gorged enough. We never asked for help and we never got it. All we want is to breathe life back into the carcass and recreate the oasis we have enjoyed for the last 40 years.

 Paudge Padraig Donohoe

Proprietor at…


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The Gary Doyle Order (Book Review)

by Gabriel Donohoe

crooked judge3I read the manuscript of “The Gary Doyle Order” in one sitting and found the narrative as gripping as a Tom Clancy thriller.  At one stage during the reading, I was even annoyed to be called downstairs for dinner.

This book tells of one Irishman’s fight with the cold and calculating forces of the Irish State, particularly the Gardai and the Courts.  It is a story of courage, assertiveness, self-education, and dignity on the one side; and a tale of intimidation, nastiness, corruption, and injustice on the other.

Basically, this is the story of a man who, in his car, was going about his lawful business until he was accosted and arrested without charge by Gardaí in the midlands and then threatened and imprisoned by a judge because he dared to ask questions instead of meekly bowing down to ‘authority’.  He quickly found himself inside a Kafkaesque nightmare that must have been as terrifying as it was surreal.

The only things that stood to the gentleman in question was his dignity, his alertness, and his knowledge of the law, especially the case history of one Gary Doyle – the eponymous ‘hero’ of the “Gary Doyle Order”.

The Gardaí featured in this story do not crown themselves in glory.  In fact, some of them come across as willing henchmen of a police state.  In the U.S.A.  we currently see a police state in the making, with unarmed suspects and even innocent civilians being shot every week.  We also see American police adopt a heavy hand with peaceful protesters, unnecessarily beating them or spraying them with pepper.  And we see innocent people being dragged from their cars by police or having the front doors of their homes smashed in for no lawful reason at all. Is Ireland about to follow this worrisome trend?

A year after the formation of this State, in 1923, we named our police force An Garda Síochána (The Guardian of the Peace), or Gardaí in the plural.  For a while they were truly “Guardians of the Peace”, or peace officers.  But in the last three or four decades they have become more “Law Enforcement Officers”, trained to collect revenue for a corporate, banker-controlled state than to keep the peace among the people who employ them.

Nowadays, we see police forces all over the world undergo military-type training with full body armour, an array of lethal weapons, and heavy vehicles and equipment co-opted from the army. The police are taught to treat all citizens as ‘suspects’ and to take an aggressive stance.  No matter that Natural Law is regularly broken and individual human rights are routinely trampled upon.  This is a major concern indeed.

Reading this book, it is alarming to see certain Gardaí  abandon their role as ‘peace keepers’ and openly embrace a belligerent role as ‘law enforcement officers’.  They have allowed themselves to become a bullying enforcement tool of those nameless and faceless plutocrats who run things in Ireland, including the government, the courts, the media, and just about everything else of influence.  Sadly, and ironically, the Gardaí are just as much victims of the plutocrats as the other members of society.

The willing complicity of the police to perform the will of their masters brings to mind a scene from “Schindler’s List.”  In that film, we saw that the Nazis needed the cooperation of some Jews to control the thousands of their fellow Jews that the Nazis had crammed into the confines of the Warsaw ghetto.  The Germans appointed a Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei, or Jewish Ghetto Police, to help them keep order and enforce brutal Nazi control on Jewish slave workers or help sort and ship undesirable Jews to the concentration camps.  Little did these useful idiots, the Jewish Ghetto Police, realize that they would all end up in the concentration camps too.

Here in Ireland, in a fast-becoming fascist state, the real culprits are not just those who give the orders but the ‘useful idiots’ who carry out those orders, some of them with gusto.  That applies not just to the Gardaí but to the lawyers and judges and bailiffs and sheriffs and receivers and accountants and auctioneers and anyone who crosses the boundaries of Natural Law to infringe upon the God-given rights of another human being.

As Mark Passio says in his excellent presentation on Natural Law, it is the ‘order followers’ who do more damage and cause more misery in society than the ‘order givers’.  (That’s not to say that the ‘order givers’ should not be held accountable – they most certainly should.)

You will read in this story how arbitrarily and unjustly our hero was treated by the courts in this country, particularly by a judge who seemed to be acting in collusion with other parties.  This judge jailed our hero for refusing to sign a “Bail Order” form, even though no charges had been preferred against him at that time.

This particular incident caused the man in question to write to the highest justices in the land and ask them some very pointed questions indeed…

1.  Is the use of threat of incarceration/imprisonment and coercion by a Judge allowed in Court?

2.  What law allows the use of threat of incarceration/imprisonment and coercion by a Judge in Court?

3.  Does a signature obtained against ones will, under duress and the threat of loss of liberty (incarceration/imprisonment), have force in law?

4.  Does a signature obtained against ones will, under duress and the treat of loss of liberty, make the document therein signed Void from the outset?

5.  What law allows a Judge to falsely imprison anyone for want of a signature obtained against their free will?

To find out what answers he received, or if he even received an answer at all, you’ll have to read the book.  You will truly be astounded at the levels of injustice and corruption within our State, the ‘Justice’ system, and related bodies like the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Garda Ombudsman.

Furthermore, our arrested hero put another explosive question to the “Powers That Be”, namely An Garda Síochána, the Minister for Justice, and the Judiciary, asking them to…

“(S)tate once and for all what (your) exact position on the treatment of a newly arrested victim is, and is there a period during the first few hours of arrest where they have NO RIGHTS whatsoever. Surely this cannot be the case???”

At the end of the book, after all he has endured, the author makes a very telling observation:

“The State perceives and legally treats the People of this Island as Slaves for the generation of Revenue and Profit”.

Hear, hear!

This book comes highly recommended.  It audaciously exposes the criminal institutions that pass themselves off as ‘government’.  It is a story that will inspire us all and show us that even the common man, when he has truth and knowledge behind him, can stand tall against the forces of state corruption.  Think of other gutsy heroes – or heroines – like Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood who stood up against the Mighty Corporate State, and won.  (Although Silkwood died at age 28 in a mysterious car accident.)

What this book will do is arm you with crucial information should you find yourself, like thousands and thousands of others, in the treacherous arena of an Irish court.  Ireland of today is not as passive as some people would have you believe.  Ireland is in fact a seething pit of vipers who have been prodded and provoked and are beginning to bare their fangs. If you are a hissing viper, the narrative in this book will give you the confidence to bite back, and the information therein will give you the venom to make it sting.

The book can be purchased at:-

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